Sunday, 29 January 2017

Happy New year!

Happy New Year, folks! First post of 2017, and January is almost over. It has been a relatively mild one so we've been enjoying getting out and about. May climbed her first mountain with us at only 5 weeks, and accompanies us pretty much everywhere else with no complaints. She's as good as gold. 

The boys are still obsessed with little May. She's a well kissed ba. 9 weeks old today and it absolutely seems like she has been here forever. How could she have ever not been a part of our family?

You'll find Noah clinging to his 'guys' (see above) most of the day. He's a real Marvel maniac. Sometimes you'll find Buzz Lightyear in among the lot of them too. He's a handlin' to have to carry around. And most days he wears his Spiderman costume, mask and all. Everywhere. On the school run. To the supermarket. Visits to grandparents. Yup. Spiderman is his very favourite. Noah is quite the character. 

And just like that, the up-date is over and out. Later all. x