Saturday, 31 December 2016

Farewell 2016

What a whirlwind December we have had. May is 5 weeks old now. This month I've been in a lovely, hazy newborn daze, elbow-deep in nappies. Jack turned 6. We've enjoyed visits from friends, birthday parties, Christmas parties, and of course, Christmas itself! Santa spoilt the boys and there are just so many new toys in this house. Both the boys are superhero mad (Jack is a DC dude, whereas Noah is a Marvel man) So, the superhero costumes have been a big hit. Noah never takes his spiderman suit off!

The boys are both still mad about their baby sister. Even Noah. Only two. He treats her like a princess. and he's only wee himself. Awk, it would melt your heart.

Wee May meets her namesake

Lots has happened this year. There have been ups and downs, but mostly 2016 has treated us well. We're very thankful for wee May making her way into the world this year, and we look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us. Happy New Year to you all! I hope it is wonderful for you. xo

1. Auntie Saz visits
2. Christmas decoration 
3. Freezing fog
4. 3 kids! 3!
5. Christmas market
6. Watch out- here comes the spiderman!
7. Mother of superheroes
8. Christmas cuddles

Friday, 9 December 2016

May it Be

It's a girl! 

My regular visitors will know I was expecting number 3. 
This was me on my due date: 

Jack arrived 5 weeks early. Noah arrived bright and early right on his due date. And this one. Well, I started to fret about the possibility of induction. However, on my due date we took a brisk stroll on this foggy day, I ate some spicy food, and I got out the birthing ball and bounced for 30 minutes solid. Something worked, because I had my first contraction at midnight that night, and after a shockingly speedy, but thankfully straightforward delivery, she arrived at 2.44am. Fashionably late.

Meet little May. 8lbs 10oz of lovely squishiness. We love her. And her brothers are so taken with her. What a novelty a girl is to us! We can't reuse any of our boys clothing, but I am all biz about dresses, headbands, and everything pink! So far, she is a really content little thing that doesn't cry much. She fits right in. She's not even 2 weeks old yet, but it feels like she has been here forever.

Nice to meet you!

I'm doing well after the birth, as is May. We're all a bit zonked I think. New babies tend to disrupt family routine a bit. But mostly, we're all enjoying sleepy newborn cuddles. The boys are just in love with their brand new sister. What a blessing she is.

Welcome to the family, darling.