Saturday, 21 May 2016

Rowallane Garden

Hello all! It has been a while since my last post. It has been a busy few weeks! 
Anyhow, a while back, I was commissioned by Rowallane Garden (one of the Northern Irish National Trust properties) to capture the events and seasons of Rowallane. Anyone from here, who has visited Rowallane Garden will know just how absolutely beautiful it is. I don't know much anything about gardening, but I reckon they must hire some seriously talented gardeners because they have the landscape looking spectacular. Especially at this time of year. The commission has been a real pleasure. I absolutely love going up there and walking about in all the scenery. Most of the time I go on my own, but they had asked if Jack and Noah would like to do some modelling for them, so on occasions I have taken the boys.

Look at them modelling there like pros - Well - they are blooming hard work. I come across other peoples kids sometimes during my shoots, and I ask their parents if they would like to be photographed (model release form necessary of course) and usually those kids listen to every word I say - they look at my camera, stand still, and smile. Not these two. Even the dogs I photograph at Rowallane are more obedient than naughty and naughtier. But anyway, they gave me some gold here. You never know, maybe you'll see these rascals on the front of a National Trust leaflet! Jack would love that. He's been down in the mouth about Noah's feature in a catalog a few months ago. "Why aren't I a model too, Mummy?" he asked. 

If you get the chance, I thoroughly recommend a trip to Rowallane. Or any of the National Trust properties. I'm thinking about buying a yearly family pass so we can enjoy all the properties.

Do you notice wee Jack lost a tooth? It happened a couple of weeks ago. He was so excited! Dear love him. The tooth fairy left him a pound, the generous being she is. It makes that great big smile even cuter- if that's possible!

We have been having some great weather. It's subject to change, of course. It is Ireland after all. Today was a prime example of this. We attended Jack's school fair this morning. Beautiful. The sun shone from the heavens. Then off we went to Rowallane, it was as warm and bright as could be. Except there was some very loud thunder overhead, which we chose to ignore. Suddenly the sun ducked behind the clouds and hailstones the size of my fist started pummelling us. It was damn sore. Not to mention the soaking we got. I tried to use my body as a human shield but the boys screamed and cried the whole time. Jack said it was the worst day ever. He held me solely responsible for the change in the weather.  I guess all those knocks to the head made him forget the hotdogs and candy floss, bouncy castles and sweeties that he enjoyed this morning.

I hate you, Mummy.