Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Spring has Sprung

Oh Spring has most definitely sprung! Hooray! The temperatures are well into double figures again and I keep having to stop beside fields to admire all the wee newborn lambs. And the country lanes are lined with bright yellow daffodils and the whitest snowdrops. Just beautiful. I'm so glad to see it, and I'm sure you are too. This is a wonderful season.

You've probably noticed lots of rainbows around at the minute too? I have. I keep trying to photograph them, but they are elusive things. I love a Rainbow. Sometimes I get to choose lovely things from Zazzle to feature on my boys. So, naturally, this Rainbow lover chose these beauties. Noah is wearing an 80s vintage Rainbow toddler sweatshirt. This is actually one of my favourite items of Noah's, ever! I really love the simple print. I would absolutely get this printed onto an adult womans tee, and wear it myself.

Jack is wearing the Bigger Always Wins Kids Sweatshirt. It features a massive T-Rex eating a Unicorn. So you can just imagine how flipping much dino-nutty-Jack loves this. And I like the rainbow. Haha!


Thanks, as always, to Zazzle, who provide the most wonderful choice on clothing and just about everything else! Check them out!

Do you know that today marks National Puppy day? I mentioned in my last post that I would love another dog. So far I haven't been able to talk my husband in to it. Boo. But last weekend- what a treat - A good pal of mine has a few dogs, and two of the females gave birth to a litter each. We were invited up I invited myself up to meet the wee dotes. I was more excited than Jack and Noah put together. And my husband remained remarkable calm. I don't know how. So I just climbed right into the pens and sat with warm, sleepy, yawning, toothless, bleary eyed little newborn balls of fluff and it was THE BEST DAY EVER!

One litter were purebred Golden Retrievers, the other litter are Alsatian/Lab mix. Honestly, they are just the sweetest things ever. I can't wait to be invited invite myself back to play with these pups when they're all running about. It will be a mad house!

So just incase you haven't seen enough photos here is some more of us enjoying the better weather. Speaking of photos, I was very pleased to be informed I have been nominated in the National MAD Blog awards for Blog of the Year. A few of you have also contacted me to tell me you have nominated me in the photo category. This is so so kind of you and very appreciated. Thank you so much. If you like my blog, I would love to be nominated in any category you think fit, particularly the photography category - If it's not too much trouble! And when voting opens I'll probably be annoying your heads again asking you to vote. Apologies in advance! But seriously, thank you so much to anyone who has taken the time to nominate this little blog of mine. xox 

Tots 100 Awards

Here's what our week that was looks like:

1. St Patricks Chair and Well walk
2. Sunworshipper
3. Froggy Brolly
4. Toad in hole, everyone's fave.
5. Maisey's arch nemesis, Mr Swan. Hissss.
6. Explore
7. Meeting the puppies
8. Mama gets the chop! Bye bye long hair. Hello long bob.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all my fellow Mama's out there! I hope you're having a lovely day with your little rascals, as I am. Jack made me a couple of cards in school/youth club, and I think even more touching was when he burst through the bedroom door this morning and said "Happy Mother's Day, Mummy!" without even being reminded.

This past weeks weather has been all over the place. Rain, shine, and snow. But the cold temperatures have not ruined the beauty of the low sun and the longer days. We've been enjoying golden hour!

Past weeks news? Nothing huge. My husband has been poorly, dear love his wee cotton socks. But he battles on, even though he should rest. You know what, though? It sure makes me glad to have a husband who is usually full of craic, because right now he is actually minus-craic. Or as we've referred to him, as a 'craicuum'. He really has sucked the fun out of this weekend. This is in jest, but really, he hasn't been much entertainment because he is so under the weather. I can't wait to have my fun boy back.

I bought the boys a couple of vintage furbies (remember those?) offa eBay. It has been a blast from the past, and they both got a bit of fun out of those before Noah broke his (within the hour) and Jack tired of it's incessant demands. ("Hug me", "I scared", "Me hungry", "Tickle me") Which is funny, because they literally sound just like my two on a constant daily basis. Imagine I got bored so quickly. That wouldn't do. I hold out until 7.30pm bedtime at least.


Also, I've been thinking about rescuing a second pooch. We love our Maisey dog so much and we could provide a good home for another mutt. I don't have my husband totally convinced yet, but give me a bit more time to work on him. Anyway, the hunt is a lot harder this time around. We have so much to think about. Maisey couldn't handle an excited and enthusiastic puppy, so it needs to be a bit older. No behavioural problems as we have two kids. It probably needs to be male so there isn't a dominance issue. It could take a while to find just the right dog to fit into our busy family life. We'll hold out for the right one. C'mon Bazza, you know you want another pet in our lives...? Awk, go 'wan.

So that's our news, and here's some photos of our week that was. Happy Mother's Day, Mama bears. x

1. Giddy up horsie, don't you stop
2. Simon says
3. Bubble bath
4. Tree climber
5. Painting in the sun
6. Exploring ghost towns
7. Antique window shopping
8. Fighting. Again.