Saturday, 30 January 2016

Much Ado about Nothing

I thought it was about time for a wee update, even though I've got nothing notable to say. January flew in, and it was nice to wake up to a blanket of snow this morning, instead of the usual dreary Saturday morning rain that seems to haunt us at the minute. 

So we took a cold trip to a nature reserve this morning. So beautiful - Jack and I loved it. Noah, not so much. He really doesn't like the cold. Last weekend was a soggy one. We checked out the Gruffalo trail in Colin Glen Forest.

Fishermans Jacket  £24 Marks and Spencers          /          Lollypop Kids Rubber Boots £29 Aigle

It's behind you! 
Hope you and your family enjoyed January. Now, on to February! What adventures will it have in store?

1. Emigrating 
2. Gift of a plane
3. Barry's french toast
4. "Let me go, you beast"
5. Bros
6. Beautiful sunrise
7. Family walk
8. Squishy window face

Saturday, 9 January 2016


Happy new year, folks! I hope 2016 brings you joy, health and happiness. The first week of January saw my handsome husband turn a year older - he's like a fine wine. He ages well.

"Here- Noah's welly just fell into that schuck!"

Getting back into a routine wasn't as bad as I thought, except peeling ourselves out of bed in the dark is proving difficult! Jack enjoyed his first week back at school, despite being so down on the holidays ending!

I am pretty much only inspired to take out my camera when the sun shines, and that is not very often at this time of year. But when the sun comes out, boy, is it worth capturing. The low sun and sunsets are spectacular at this time of year. But I sure am looking forward to it sticking around for a bit longer every day. I notice the days are getting slightly longer every week. Hurrah!

Way back in September I won an Annabel Karmel back-to-school photo competition with a photo of Jack on his first day of school. We were so chuffed, and Jack and Noah won loads of lovely goodies, ranging from toys, clothes, food to lunch boxes. They also won a voucher from Zoobug London. I chose a pair of the Square Walnut Sunglasses for Jack (although Noah is tres jealous when Jack puts them on, which usually causes a headache, oh the fighting...) They are so incredibly cool. Top quality. They're nicer than any sunglasses I have ever owned and Jack is well versed as to how to treat and look after them. Haha. I'll be as cross as a bag of weasels if these bad boys get broken! 

See y'all soon!