Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Sunsets and Silhouettes

It's rather sad when the days start getting substantially shorter, don't you think? I'm really noticing it now. The one benefit is that golden hour and sunset is at a very suitable time for photographing kids. We're often still out and about around 7pm and there are these amazing sunsets! I started bringing my camera with me on the off chance we would be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. And when we are I announce we simply must stop the car and take some photos. Cue groans from everyone. I remain undeterred. 

I'm a bit obsessed with sunsets and silhouettes at the moment. They are so beautiful and really fun to photograph! I love wee Noah's silhouette! He's very animated and you can still really see his emotions, even without his features!

In some other news, here's some recent going-ons...

1. Visit to a windfarm
2. Noah's days in his cot are numbered
3. Picky tot driving Mama to distraction
4. Reflection
5. Maisey in sunflowers
6. Noah's first trip to the cinema
7. Playdate
8. Daisies 

Good dog.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Dancing in September

It's definitely time for an update, seeing as it has been about a month since my last post! Those last couple of weeks of the summer holidays flew in and Jack has been back to school for a few weeks now. He's settled in brilliantly, without so much as a wobble. It's back to flying out the door with zero make up and a bit of toast hanging out of my mouth trying to get us to school on time. Homework in the afternoon. Remembering on a Sunday evening that I haven't washed the uniform for the next day and packing lunches. A domestic goddess I am not. I'm about as far from it as they come.

Noah and I take the dog for a walk every morning so this morning I took my camera for a few snaps. Especially since the weather has been pretty awesome for September. Keep it up please! Autumn is fine by me. It's winter I'm not keen on.

Noah is such a cute boy! He's an imp with a huge personality. We get such a kick out of him and his cheeky wee ways. I wrote a post about his terrible two phase a while back. I think we've almost reached the other side as often it had to do with the frustration of not being able to communicate wants and feelings ... suddenly the boy speaks. He can understand and reason quite a bit now. Phew. 

Say, Do you remember... Dancing in September?

In other news... Jack lost his front tooth! That's 3 away. We don't really do the tooth fairy. It's hard for us to remember to pretend there is a tooth fairy as our parents didn't go in for that. Or the easter bunny. Fairies. Anything like that. Jack asks too many questions to fib about these things. I'm struggling to keep the Santa secret as it is.

The boys are moving in to the same room this week (I hope) as Noah is being evicted from the cot to make room for our new arrival. We have the bunk beds built and the room painted. We have some cabinets up now too, but it's all fallen terribly behind schedule thanks to busy family life. It was supposed to be finished right about now, and despite spending most weekends trying to compete this project, we've lagged. I'll be posting some photos of the room once done. I have lots of lovely products to feature, so stay tuned! Sneak peek...

Maisey-dog turned 7 in August. Happy birthday to this wonder-mutt. She's given us 7 years of joy. You know that makes her, like, 47 in human years? Such a sweet mongrel. 

And these boys... ever since school started back they aren't getting on each others nerves as often. When Jack gets out of school Noah is very glad to see him. It's lovely. In the words of Bright Eyes I love their love, and I am thankful.

Update over-and-out.