Thursday, 21 July 2016

Summer Daze

How are your summer holidays going? Is childcare a pain for you in the summer months? Do your kids love the long days off? Or do they fight like cat and dogs? All the above here! Sometimes the days seem to fly in, and then others a day seems like an eternity!

However, this week has been beautiful, weather wise. Last week was a bit iffy at times. But sure we'll  take what we can get! 

Snes Tee Zazzle

Here's our busy week that was!

1. American chum visits
2. Pappy turns 85
3. Can't stay awake
4. Beautiful blooms
5. Glitter
6. Granda Bill
7. Wedding guests
8. Cuddles for sleepy

Monday, 4 July 2016

Design your own!

Hello July. The weather is anyones guess. We just have to take it hour by hour at the moment, which is no fun when the summer holidays begin TODAY! The wildflower around at the moment is just lovely. I like the idea of those wildflower bombs that you just fire into your flower beds, and up come these beauties. How can these be considered weeds?

So every Mammy has the right to a couple of photos of their kid on the first day of school (especially P1!) and the last day? Right? Well, Jack can get well and truly sick of being photographed (I don't blame him) which is why I try to photograph him as candidly as possible - usually. I wanted a wee photo of him on the way to his last day of P1. He wasn't best pleased. As you can see. Look how he's grown though! Size of the biy! And that 'tude!

So, that's P1 over and done with. How that year flew. Jack doesn't seem one bit sad about it being over. He looks forward to P2, but is just so excited to be off for a couple of months. As usual, I'm wondering how to pass all the extra time, especially when it rains! The fighting and bickering between them has already started.

(Fortunately for me, Noah will still play happily in front of the camera!)

So, we're waiting for a break in this morning's torrential rain to walk the dog. Fortunately though, while we have been waiting we have the best rainy day activity to pass some time! This amazing Lala and Bea Design your own PJs kit! 

These very light grey, (almost off white) 100% super soft organic cotton PJ's come in a lovely little screen printed tote, with 5 fluorescent coloured Dylon permanent fabric pens. They also have some stencils if you need a bit of help. 

I found it very difficult to hand over control! Whatever is drawn onto these jim-jams is permanent! I really wanted them to look good! So, I got my professional artist husband to design the top (I think he made an amazing job of it) and Jack and I designed the bottoms. I let Jack draw whatever he wanted on the back. So far, he has drawn this "dinosaur, being bitten by a T-Rex and bleeding, surrounded by fire ants."

 (I think it was only because of the boredom of being stuck in the house that camera-irritated Jack hammed it up a bit for the camera this morning! Silver linings!)

Jack of course loves everything Daddy chose to doodle on his jammies. Cartoon men - yas. Funky patterns - yas. T-Rex - Yas yas yas. And who are the snails? That's Speedy and Ben. Jack's pet snails. I thought they would be a very low maintenance pet, and on one hand they are. But man, can snails poop? Their tank is disgusting. But Jack is very fond of those dirty bugs.

We really loved the PJ's. They are great quality, as you would expect of Lala and Bea. They would make the perfect gift for an older child who really loves doodling, or a younger child with artistic parents! We keep in touch with a lot of my husbands university art-graduate buds, who now have families of their own too. I reckon they would love a pair of these as a gift! Could they hand over control I wonder? The pens still haven't run out, even after a lot of colouring, so I can vouch for the quality of those too.

Thank you to Lala and Bea. These PJs are a hit!

Smile? I shan't.