Saturday, 27 February 2016

And All the World is the Runway

It all started with Noah clomping about in a pair of my boots. He often finds a pair of our shoes and does this. He thinks it's so funny, and it really is. The next thing Jack wanted to join in. And so, after bath time, we somehow managed to have a full on fashion show with these 'uns as the runway models.

I was so glad to have my camera on hand, as the resulting photos are some of my favourite photos of them ever! Such a pair. These are just asking to be shown to future girlfriends or be projected onto the wall on their wedding day.

Auntie Sarah mentioned that Jack really has the posing down. He does, doesn't he? He can really pull all these looks off. Look at him channeling his inner Dr Who. Ireland's next top model? Maybe all his childhood photoshoots will pay off.

Hansel and Derek

'Blue steel' among others- oh the versatility!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Half Term

We can't complain a bit about our half term break. While we had rain, we also had sun, so we got out plenty over the few days Jack was off. And that's just about our favourite thing to do. I'm wondering if Noah is going to be the black sheep of our family. He doesn't cope well with the cold, and doesn't seem to enjoy being outdoors as much as the rest of us. There's always one, eh?

We met up with family one day last week and went for a soggy, but sunny walk through the forest. We also got a little bit lost after I was too busy chatting to notice we were going down an unknown path, but we made it back in one piece! All the kids enjoyed each others company.

We absolutely live in our wellies at this time of year. We have to. Everything is soggy and muddy and squelchy. Jack and Noah both love their wellies. Noah stomps about the house in his, teaming it with his baby grow. Very cute.

I can't believe Jack is already half way through his first year of P1! He's doing brilliantly. The progress he had made in such a short space of time is unreal. They're just little sponges at this age, aren't they?

Isn't it lovely to see the daffodils and snowdrops beginning to peep out from the ground? And wake up to the sun beaming through the bedroom window? I'm enjoying every minute of the beginning of spring. I hope you and your family enjoyed the half term break. It won't be long until the easter holidays now!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Be My Valentine

What a change from last weekend! There was a definite nip in the air, but the sun came out, and boy did I soak it up. I had a great Valentines weekend with my husband, we made a bit of a fuss of each other, and then today we enjoyed a lovely family day out beside Emy Lough. 

Warning - PDA. I'm this guys biggest fan.

Contemplating just how much he adores that wife of his.

Excuse Noah's now-too-small coat. He's taken a huge growth spurt and my husband grabbed the wrong coat when we were rushing out this morning. He really does have coats that fit him. Honest.

Jack made me a sweet little Valentines card in school. Well, I suspect it was more his teacher that made me a card. I'm not convinced there was too much effort on Jack's part. But I'll pop it in the memory box none-the-less. Noah gave me tantrums and a few poopy nappies. Those boys of mine. A couple of wee misters.

I hope you had a romantic and wonderful weekend with your better halves / family. Fingers crossed for more sunshine this half term break!