Sunday, 20 September 2015

Snug as a Bug

Hello all! We're two full weeks in to school now, and I'm delighted to report that Jack loves it! Having to have us all up and ready by 8.30am is wreaking havoc on my face and I leave the house sans breakfast with very puffy eyes most mornings. I must be a sight at the school gates. Boyo is usually well presented, complete with the homework that Mummy Jack has completed, and a yummy pack lunch. That's the main thing I suppose.

So that leaves Noah and I alone for 5 full hours whilst Jack is off becoming educated. Look at that face. You'd think butter wouldn't melt. Right? Wrong. I'm starting to wonder if the fairies haven't exchanged Noah and left me with this naughty little changeling. Or perhaps he's going to be a scientist, and he's conducting an experiment to see how long it will take to drive Mammy round the bend. The experiment should soon be coming to an end, because I'm about ready to crack.

I can just tell this ba is going to break my heart. He's strong willed. I have to pick and choose my battles or literally every word that comes out of my mouth would be "no". The thing is, this child doesn't even seem to phased by 'negative attention'. Something which Jack and our dog Maisey both hate - They will do anything to avoid a scolding, but Noah. Well. Sometimes I think he wants to get a rise. Tell me it's a phase? Teething? The terrible two's have come early? I don't care if none of these are true, lie to me!

Look at him lying up in his cot. Or 'cage' as Jack calls it. Right now, I would agree with him. It's about the only way to keep him out of trouble, except he manages to find trouble. Like peeling the paint off the walls. Throwing the duvet out and ripping off the sheets, and my personal least favorite, destroying the blinds that are within reach. SIGH!

Anyway, have a look at what this tinker of mine is wearing. We received a nice little gift from the nice people at Slumbersac. They sent Noah this sleeping bag... with feet! What a neat idea! I can honestly say that we love this. It comes in very useful when we stay late someplace, we can slip him right in to it, zip it up, and then strap him in to his car seat. Some ninja-parenting moves later we have transferred him from his car seat to cage cot without waking him. It's also awesome coming in to this cooler weather, either before bed or early morning when he can totter around as snug as a bug in a rug, until it's time to get dressed. We don't have to worry about him throwing the duvet off himself and getting cold when he's in his little sleeping bag, so we're sold. Plus, he's very comical bumbling around in this. Stop - Hammer time!

Thanks to the lovely people at Slumbersac for this useful item! Hope all your little ones are settling in to the new school year, and I'll take any parenting advice you have to offer. 'An introduction to petulant one year olds 101'. Can I join?

"My go now, Daddy?"

Here's our week that was:

1. Pairs game (Mummy and Daddy have become obsessive competitors)
2. New bathroom print
3. Noah's favorite ever book, My First 100 Farm Words
4. Wheat fields
5. Grassy bank
6. Naptime
7. I be cruisin'
8. Meeting new baby, Flynn

Thursday, 3 September 2015

He's gone to School, Wee Hughie

He's gone to school, Wee Hughie,
An' him not four.
Sure I saw the fright was in him
When he left the door.

But he took a hand o 'Denny
An' a hand o' Dan,,
Wi' Joe's owld coat upon him -
Och, the poor wee man!

He cut the quarest figure,
More stout nor thin;
An' trottin' right an' steady
Wi his toes turned in.

I watched him to the corner
0' the big turf stack,
An' the more his feet went forrit,
Still his head turned back.

He was lookin',
would I call him -
Och me heart was woe-
Sure it's lost I am without him,
But he be to go.

I followed to the turnin'
When they passed it by,
God help him, he was cryin',
An', maybe, so was I.
Author: Elizabeth Shane

Jack happened. And bam! Four short years later he's starting school! Today - Sure the big fella is only hitting up P1! I'm feeling okay, as long as he is. He seems to be fine, even a little bit excited about it. Maybe it will be a different matter when we arrive at the school gates. Mr Dad decided not to take the morning off incase we made it a bit of a big deal, which might make the whole thing feel more daunting. After all, starting school is a pretty significant occasion!

I'm ever so proud of Jack, and how he's coping with the uncertainty. I think he's ready for this and I'm excited about all the things he'll learn. He loves to be read to, and I think he's going to love to be able to read to himself! He's definitely a little smartie, but then, I would say that, wouldn't I? 

Jack says he's going to miss Noah when he is at school, and I don't doubt that Noah will miss Jack. But with all the bickering and fighting between them during the long summer holidays I think a few hours apart during the day might not be a bad thing. Having said that, they're very close and Jack is usually very patient with our newly naughty Noah, who turns into a right deevil when his molars start to erupt.

Jack looks very handsome and cool (I'm told I'm not allowed to call him beautiful or cute anymore) in his little uniform. We'll be starting in to a new routine as a family now, but I wonder if it will be much different from nursery? I suppose that's why I'm feeling okay about it all. Nursery doesn't just help the little ones prepare for school, it helps us Mammies too.

What a cutie, angel, sweetheart, wee pet, awesome cool dude he is. We love him so.
Here's our week that was.

1. Froggy friend that came to visit
2. NEVER leave anything within reach of this naughty babe
3. Walks
4. Brothers
5. Upcycled circular frame
6. Auntie Sarah and Pete came to visit
7. Great-Grandchildren are coming thick and fast!
8. Feeding the horsies