Sunday, 22 March 2015

Come on Spring

Today was beautiful... but don't let these sunny snaps fool you. It wasn't mega warm. I was all confused this morning. A combination of things led me to believe it was hot out, so I slapped a load of sun cream on the boys, put them in their shorts, and prepared a picnic. We stepped out, only to be surprised at how cool it was, especially when the sun ducked behind the clouds. So, a change of clothing was necessary. I kept Jack in his shorts, but added a jumper and coat, hoping one half would balance out the other, no matter how the temperature varied.

Well, it wasn't long before our Jack started to complain that his knees were cold, stating that it was now "the worst day ever". Totes dramatic. Jack never minces his words. However, crisis was averted when I remembered I had been keeping this Fleece Lined All-in-one Waterproof suit in the boot of the car.

This was sent to us by Hippy Chick, and I had been looking forward to trying it out on the next rainy day (we never have to wait very long for rain here in Ireland) However, it came into its own today! It really exceeded my expectations. This is not just for the rain, people! This all-in-one slipped over his clothes, and the fleecy inside kept him all cozy. I loved just letting him roll about wherever he liked without worrying about him getting wet or grubby. I received no more complaints about the cold, and thankfully it was not 'the worst day ever'. It's a good job I don't take what Jack says to heart, or I would have thrown myself off a bridge by now.

What a fab idea Puddle Suits like this are. I only wish I had owned one for Jack before now. Thanks so much to Hippy Chick for sending over this one. Finally, here's what we've been getting up to.

1. Big hair, don't care
2. Getting to grips with our new Napsack Mei Tai
3. Walks of him
4. Big shoes to fill
5. Baby Bowtie from Stinky McGee. Adorable!
6. Messer
7. A sunny spot
8. Broskis