Thursday, 3 September 2015

He's gone to School, Wee Hughie

He's gone to school, Wee Hughie,
An' him not four.
Sure I saw the fright was in him
When he left the door.

But he took a hand o 'Denny
An' a hand o' Dan,,
Wi' Joe's owld coat upon him -
Och, the poor wee man!

He cut the quarest figure,
More stout nor thin;
An' trottin' right an' steady
Wi his toes turned in.

I watched him to the corner
0' the big turf stack,
An' the more his feet went forrit,
Still his head turned back.

He was lookin',
would I call him -
Och me heart was woe-
Sure it's lost I am without him,
But he be to go.

I followed to the turnin'
When they passed it by,
God help him, he was cryin',
An', maybe, so was I.
Author: Elizabeth Shane

Jack happened. And bam! Four short years later he's starting school! Today - Sure the big fella is only hitting up P1! I'm feeling okay, as long as he is. He seems to be fine, even a little bit excited about it. Maybe it will be a different matter when we arrive at the school gates. Mr Dad decided not to take the morning off incase we made it a bit of a big deal, which might make the whole thing feel more daunting. After all, starting school is a pretty significant occasion!

I'm ever so proud of Jack, and how he's coping with the uncertainty. I think he's ready for this and I'm excited about all the things he'll learn. He loves to be read to, and I think he's going to love to be able to read to himself! He's definitely a little smartie, but then, I would say that, wouldn't I? 

Jack says he's going to miss Noah when he is at school, and I don't doubt that Noah will miss Jack. But with all the bickering and fighting between them during the long summer holidays I think a few hours apart during the day might not be a bad thing. Having said that, they're very close and Jack is usually very patient with our newly naughty Noah, who turns into a right deevil when his molars start to erupt.

Jack looks very handsome and cool (I'm told I'm not allowed to call him beautiful or cute anymore) in his little uniform. We'll be starting in to a new routine as a family now, but I wonder if it will be much different from nursery? I suppose that's why I'm feeling okay about it all. Nursery doesn't just help the little ones prepare for school, it helps us Mammies too.

What a cutie, angel, sweetheart, wee pet, awesome cool dude he is. We love him so.
Here's our week that was.

1. Froggy friend that came to visit
2. NEVER leave anything within reach of this naughty babe
3. Walks
4. Brothers
5. Upcycled circular frame
6. Auntie Sarah and Pete came to visit
7. Great-Grandchildren are coming thick and fast!
8. Feeding the horsies


  1. Lovely photographs and such wonderful memories. Jess x #mycapturedmoment

  2. He will have an absolute blast at school, I'm sure. :)

    Gorgeous photos, and some brilliant facial expressions.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Oh how they flew. He looks so so cute, I mean, handsome ;)

    1. Haha! Don't let him hear ya call him cute! He gets very huffy. He's come home completely exhausted. And I'm pretty mentally exhausted myself!

  4. Stunning photography - some really fab shots you've got there. Bless him starting school - it's such a momentous day.
    Linking up with #MyCapturedMoment
    Sammy x

  5. HoW sweet! Hope he has a swimming year in school!

  6. Jack has certainly become a ham! He seems to love mugging the camera!
    Thanks for linking up at

  7. So so adorable! Love the verses that go with the images. He looks right smart in his uni!

  8. That is the sweetest school post I have ever read. I hope it continues to be a great year.

  9. Very best of luck to Jack in his 1st term at school, I'm sure he will enjoy it and I hope you still find time after school for a little outdoor country kids fun.

  10. These are beautiful photos, and I love the words. Hope he has fun x

  11. I adore the black and white photograph collection! x #TWTWC

  12. Lovely poem. Made me teary. I've got two in school now, it wasn't any less emotional the second one starting, it's such a big step. We are looking at secondary options now, which makes me even more emotional. Popped over from TWTW

  13. My son started school on Tuesday and has the same shoes! He seems like it but I don't think the learning has started yet!

    1. Jack chose the shoes himself. He loved them. Good luck to your little son at school. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Oh my goodness I love your photo style. I'll be looking for you on bloglivin to follow. Beautiful post. Makes me think of Josh starting school one day! #whatsthestory

    1. Thank you! And thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to see you soon. X

  15. You take the most amazing pictures, I love all of these! I hope your boy has settled into school life and that he'll have a great year. Thanks so much for linking to #MyCapturedMoment xxx

  16. What a lovely post and your photos are really beautiful! #magicmoments

  17. Beautiful photos - I find a break helps mine get on better x

  18. Stunning photos, such a momentous time for you all. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts on

  19. I love the poem and the photos are fantastic. A very handsome little boy. Mine will be going to school in two years time, yikes! #whatsthestory

  20. Aww bittersweet! My son is in school now and im missing him to bits! #mysundayphoto

  21. Jack will be great at school. It may take you awhile to get adjusted to him being gone though. Best wishes for a great school year for him!

  22. Gorgeous photos as always. You're so right that nursery prepares kids and the parents. Makes it more of a next step, than the scary momentous occasion that others are getting wound up about.

  23. Jack is really getting used to the camera and playing it up!!!

  24. Hope he settles well! It's my daughter's first day of Primary School today. x

  25. Best wishes for a great school year!

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  27. So sweet and just like that he's starting a new stage of his life. Don't tell him I said he looks very cute.