Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Jack loves the beach, and so do we. So, whilst in Bangor last week, naturally we made sure we went. Although it was the last activity, and it was getting a little cooler, it was the highlight of the trip for Jack. He had been so excited about visiting all day long. He was also excited about finally getting to use his bucket and spade. On the last day of playschool back in June, the teachers threw the kids a great party at the local leisure center. There was a bouncy castles, games, and afterwards they each received a gift. Jack got this bucket and spade. They know him so well!

Face on him. He was probably barging about something, knowing our Jack. What about that robot coat, eh? He gets such a lot of compliments when he wears it. The lovely people at House of Fraser sent this beauty to Jack. It's from the Name It range. Love the colour! What a wonderful surprise- thank you! They also sent Noah this gorgeous blanket from the Baby Elegance range. This blanket is only available in-store though, so you'll have to pop into your local HOF if you fancy one. 

It was Noah's first time at the beach. We reckoned he loved it. There were loads of little gummy smiles. I love these first grins SO MUCH! I'm just soaking them all in. Check out @jackspapermoon on Instagram if you want to see some!

Now, I must shoot on. I've written this post with one hand while breastfeeding one child, and letting the other one stick post-it notes to me and the dog. The studio is a mess. Apologies in advance to my clean-freak husband! Thanks again to the good people at House of Fraser. Toodlepip!

"Please, lets just stay a bit longer"

Friday, 18 July 2014

Day Trip to Bangor

During the bank holiday this week, Jack, Daddy, Noah and I took a day trip to Bangor. I love a day in Bangor, or any seaside town really. We're all beach people. Oh to own a house by the sea someday. That's the dream. Here's Jack checking out the boats at the Marina. While I'm dreaming of a house by the sea, can I wish for a boat too? Check out Jack's class Ahoy Ladies tee. It was kindly sent to us by American based company, Ahoy Tees. They produce a gorgeous range of nautical themed clothing. I love every single item they stock! Check them out! Thanks so much to the guys over there for the top.

Actually, I'm kinda surprised he kept the top on. Jack is going through a phase where he almost refuses to keep his clothes on. He loves nothing more than to run about in his pants. No sooner have I got him dressed in the morning, I turn around and the clothes are off. He says he's too warm. Sometimes that's valid. Other times it's not. I think it's a boy thing. I remember my mother-in-law telling me my nephews were going through this phase. After his bath this morning, I asked him to put his dressing gown on. "I don't want to, I just like being naked" says he. N'er a truer word was spoken I reckon.

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor?

Saturday, 12 July 2014

And then there were Four.

Hello friends! Sorry for my almost month long absence. My avid readers will know I was due a baby... I'm delighted to tell you, he's arrived! Meet Noah. He made his entrance into the world on the 18th June (right on his due date- a timely bundle) and we were so thankful for a straightforward and speedy delivery. He weighed a whopping 9lbs 5oz, which I suppose accounts for my huge bump this time round!

I have been in a state of newborn bliss. First babies are such a mystery, whereas I'm much more laid back this time round, allowing me to enjoy it all so much more. Life is once again a whirlwind of nappies, breastfeeding, and sleepless nights. But I love every second of it. He's such a blessing and I still find myself gazing at him in disbelief! 

And Jack, well. He is just the most amazing big brother. He adores Noah. He's always asking for kisses and cuddles of his brand new bro. It has been amazing to watch these two interact. I'm so proud of how well Jack has taken it all in his stride. Wee buns. Most of the time.

From the moment Noah was put in my arms, I thought he looked so familiar. Like I had known him all my life. Initially we thought this was because he is so similar to a newborn Jack. Identical in some ways! But as the days have gone on, he has developed his own little look, and we all think he's very like me. I'm pleased at this, of course, since I've been told that Jack is so like his Daddy.

Thank you to my clever husband for the redesign of my blog to include our new boy. And thanks for all the well wishes, gifts and congrats I've been getting from family, friends, sponsors and Instagram followers (if you don't already follow us, why not pop over to see daily updates and sneak peeks! @jackspapermoon) We're totally delighted with Noah. We feel so incredibly blessed and we've fallen in love all over again.

I gave myself a few weeks off to totally enjoy the newest little one, so my week that was has turned into the weeks that were. Here's a few snaps from the last four weeks. It's pretty heavy on the new addition, as you can imagine! 

1. Just a couple of days before birthday
2. Hello baby!
3. Chilling in the summer sun
4. Gorgeous Noah
5. Auntie Sarah visits from London
6. Kisses at bathtime
7. Grampa's legendary wheelbarrow rides!
8. Me and m'boys