Wednesday, 26 November 2014


That angelic smile is covering up a phase I wish would end with my whole being. For two weeks now, Jack can only be described as a threenager. Stroppy, apathetic, whingey, and downright rude. We've clawed our way through this sort of phase before, so I'm clinging to the hope that this too shall pass, but boy oh boy, he is trying my patience right now.

It has been suggested to me that maybe there is something 'working on him'. Well, there is a bug going round at the moment which has hit my husband, and little Noah too. Today, I have been struck down and it's not fun. So, I've decided to give Jack here the benefit of the doubt and try and put the memories of this walk to the back of my mind. Yes, he did pretty much throw a tantrum the entire way. Sigh. 

On this adventure, Noah wore a vintage Mothercare snowsuit that I spotted in the Rusty Zip (you wont miss him in it) and an H&M striped beanie. Tantrums McGroo wore his Ingugu hat, Robot coat from the House of Fraser Name It range, Zara cords, Barbour Scarf, and Classic Hunter kids wellies.

 Now, listen to how long I can cry at the top of my lungs the whole way home. Suckas.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


It's been quiet here for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that. The weather has been so cold, wet and miserable that I haven't been inspired to have our usual Saturday outdoor adventures. Plus, there is so much that needs to be done! I spent the weekend rain-dodging in carpet warehouses and buying bulbs (and then having to go back and return said bulbs since I had bought the wrong wattage - argh! Wasted precious hours!) Not the most exciting of weekends. Anyway, these photos were from a much better weekend a while ago. Jack, Noah and I, headed out to meet my brother and parents for breakfast, and then spent a sunny afternoon playing in the park. There's literally nothing Jack likes better than the park! Super-fun until we have to go and then begin the tears and tantrums!

I wanted to feature one of my wonderful sponsors, UK kids company, Desmond Elephant. They stock tonnes of amazing kids clothing brands. They sent m'boys some gorgeous stuff, including this ahhh-mazing Tootsa Macginty bear sweatshirt in sun-yellow. The mouth zips open to reveal a fearsome bear with some gnarly teeth! Can you even imagine how much Jack loves this interactive fun sweatshirt? We have the craic zipping open the mouth and roaring at people. They're all very nice and play scared. It gets great giggles.

They didn't leave Noah out! Their store stocks loads of baby brands too, and they sent Mister this adorable Pigeon by Organic for Kids blue elephant print romper. You should check these out! They last for ages since the feet can be adjusted as they grow. What a great idea.

Thank you so much to the fab Desmond Elephant for the items. We love these. Plus, the awesome Tootsa Macginty dungarees, which you can see featured on Jack here. They're giving my readers 15% discount on an order with the code JACK15, so have a wee gander, won't you?