Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Crazy Golf

Last night we braved the cold and headed out for a game of crazy pirate golf. Daddy complained of being a bit cold. I guess Jack and I were okay as we were bundled up well. Check out Jack's boots. Ugg, one of my great sponsors, kindly sent along these amazing Harwell boots. As you would expect from Ugg, they're lined with soft sheepskin, and they're pretty waterproof too. So his tootsies remained toasty the whole time. I'm so envious. (I'm eyeing up the adult version in these).

Jack loved the golfing experience, despite protesting the whole journey he didn't want to go. Infact, at the moment, anytime I announce we're going anywhere (and this includes fun places) he says he doesn't want to go. He doesn't want to go and see Santa. He doesn't want to go to an adventure playground. He doesn't want to go and visit a friend. He enjoys it when he gets there (and then when we go to leave I get the 'I don't wanna go home' tantrum) but I don't get the lack of enthusiasm about going. I thought this was something I didn't have to worry about until the teenage years. Anyway, I'm hoping it's just a phase. Anyone else experienced this with their tot? 

Jack's cozy coat is from River Island, and his skinny jeans are Zara Kids. Mega thanks to Ugg for the boots. We love them. No doubt they will be a wardrobe staple this winter. 

Hockey, golf, baseball. Sure, they're all the same anyway.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Curls and Then Some.

Hi there! I feel a bit like I used to when I turned up to school without having done my homework. I've been so busy I wasn't able to have a weekend photoshoot with Mister cuteness. However, I was clearing out my hard drive today and I found these photos I snapped in my studio a couple of months ago. Look at that hair. Is it not amazing? It is. That's the answer to that.

Also, I'm delighted to say Jack is getting on marvelously at playschool. That's not to say it hasn't been without its problems. There has been tears at every single drop off, but equally, at every single pick up he comes skipping out, brimming with happiness, and tripping over himself to tell me stories of what he has done that day. Plus, they have actually got him participating in 'circle time'. This is nothing short of a miracle. Kudos to the girls for this achievement.

I also came across some 'selfies' of Jack and I. I don't often make it onto the blog, so I thought I'd add it here. Check us out wearing our matching American Apparel plaid shirts! He'll probably hate these when he's older. 
Next time I want to show you Jack's new Uggs. They're swell. So, I'll make a big effort to get my homework done this coming weekend! See you, friends. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Huckleberry Friend

I've been cooped up in my warm little studio these last couple of weeks working on product shots, which explains my blogging absence, but I finished up the lot and was only too delighted to get out and about this weekend with my boys. Jeekers, it's gotten coul'. The perfect weather to try out these gorgeous Classic sheepskin boots that my sponsor Just Sheepskin kindly sent out to Jack. As you've guessed by the name, these babies are lined with the softest, warmest, coziest wool you can imagine. A nice alternative to wellies, in dry crisp weather such as this. Rubber tends to conduct the cold leaving ones tootsies rather chilly. That's my experience anyway. 

I love Jack's blue coat so much. One of my favourite Jack items ever, perhaps? It's from Cos. He's also wearing H&M mittens, old faithful American Apparel 5 pocket jeans and his sweet Melange Ingugu hat. 

Jack starts playschool tomorrow. Can you believe it? I can't. I'm all knotted up. I'm excited for him and nervous at the same time. All of a sudden he's so ready for this. It'll be good for him. But I'm sure gonna miss my little constant companion.  

Thanks again to the lovely people at Just Sheepskin for these awesomely warm boots. We love them.

I'm ready to cut the apron strings. But is Mummy?