Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fields of Gold

Here's my baby in today's summer ensemble. We took a walk and ended up in an ripening wheat field. It was so beautiful. Jack was wearing the Stella McCartney tiger print tee, H&M shorts and green Vans

My husband and I can't believe how much Jack is talking now. Sometimes full sentences, sometimes he prefers to use a verb and get straight to the point! One thing is for sure, it's an amazing time in his development and we're so proud! 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Picnic Lunch

Last week the lovely people from Joules got in touch to ask if my little one would like to try out their junior Shark Lunchbag. I didn't have to think long - Of course Jack would love a shark design lunchbag - Especially since he's recently discovered Finding Nemo! I was right. He really did. It gave us the perfect excuse to go for a picnic in the mountains today.

My total 'foody' husband loves cooking and preparing picnics (just as well, 'cos I don't) and he whipped up a great batch of bacon, brie and salad sarnies using his own freshly baked bread, straight out of our new breadmaker. The berries were only picked this morning from our own backgarden. Eat your heart out Hugh Fearnley-Whittengstall. The wee lunchpack was great. Jack loved carrying it himself and helped us to find just the right spot for our picnic. It contains a nice sealable lunchbox, with room for a second and a small drink. The pocket on the front came in handy for a sweet treat.

As usual, our fearless explorer never wants the adventure to end. It became too treacherous to continue climbing with a two year old in our less-than-suitable walking gear, so we decided to turn back. Not pleased, Jack here wailed "want go back up mountainnnn" for the first half of the way down, the second song on the EP was "more climbbbbbbb" and the bonus track was "want my wowwypop backkkk" penned about the lolly Daddy had accidentally dropped. (Whoopsies) It made for a very peaceful descent as you can imagine.

Jack wore a pin-stripe grandad shirt from Cos. H&M shorts and navy canvas classic Toms.
Thanks again to our friends at Joules.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Artist

What a fantastically relaxed summer Jack and I are having. Full of lovely activities,  sunny drives to faraway places and visits to friends. Last week it was so hot we dived into my studio to cool off and do a spot of painting. Thanks to my dear cousin Stacey for buying Jack these lovely finger paints from Marks and Spencers. They have provided tonnes of messy fun. Plus, I don't have to buy birthday cards these days. I fold over some A3 card, Jack creates a masterpiece - and tada! An adorable and thoughtful hand made card for you (saving me a pretty penny!)
Well, it was all fun and games during this shoot until Jack rubbed right through the paper onto my lovely white wooden floor! Nooo! Panic stations! The shoot ended abruptly. S'okay though. There was no staining. I wish I could say the same for the white top I was wearing at the time. What was I thinking? 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

On a Hot Summer Night

And a hot summers night is what it was! The heat here has been amazing. During this bank holiday we have forgotten we're in (usually) freezing and wet Ireland. It feels more like we're on our holibobs! We've loved having Daddy off work - there is nobody that is as fun as Daddy! On account of the bank holiday, and being in the country at Grannies house, Jack was up quite late. I never get to photograph him during the 'golden hour' as he's always fast asleep. Well, this night I did. The sun was setting in the hazy blue sky and the light was lovely.

He was wearing the Stella McCartney Blake shorts and a thrifted tee. On those cute little tootsies, Jack was wearing the SunSan Shark leather sandals sent to me by one of my mega-kewl sponsors, Milly Mog. If you like funky kids clothing and footwear, here's the place to visit. Especially if you like shoes! They're very proud of their footwear range, and they should be! They've introduced me to brands I have never heard of, that I am now in love with! Oh and the website design is pure cuteness. They are also giving my readers a generous 15% off an entire order. Use the code JACK15MM to redeem your discount. Thank you to Milly Mog, we really love the sandals. He has been wearing them non-stop this wonderful summer.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Paper Plane

The sun is back- hurrah! Delighted and excited to see it, we took a picnic to the park on Sunday. That's not all we took! My super sponsor, Nappy Head, kindly sent wee Jack this amazing cardboard toy aeroplane! It's only one of Jacks favourite modes of transport! Well, mister here loved it! It's made of really sturdy recycled cardboard, withstanding a car journey, and a toddler standing, rolling, jumping and climbing all over it. It looks just as good as it did when we built it. Just as well, as I think it will be Jacks go-to toy over the next while. If it goes the distance I might very well paint it for my little seasoned flyer. We definitely attracted some attention at the park as Jack flew around! He was wearing a bright red tee from Cos.

The top photo was snapped in my brand new studio by yours truly. I emailed it to my husband hinting I thought it might lend itself to a little doodle on top - the talented thing is only a professional illustrator you know. Well, it turns out he was up for a collaboration and presented me with this. I love it! I'd like to get it printed and framed for the little 'uns room. Good work my dear. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful week! Thanks again to my husband and the nice people at Nappy Head. 

"Welcome aboard Daddy Airways, This is your Captain"

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Under my Umbrella

Me and m'boy went for a wee walk through the park this morning. I thought I'd take the opportunity while Jack here was in good form. If my husband and I had ever thought we'd hit the 'terrible twos' before, we were wrong. Now we have. Jack's two new, favourite, and regularly used phrases are, "Don't like that" and "Don't need to". A few examples of these in context? Yesterday he didn't like 1) his lunch 2) mummy writing a reminder with pen on my hand 3) the noise of the vacuum cleaner. He also apparently doesn't need to 1) count from 1 like the rest of us. (He has learned how to count to 10, but prefers to start from 8) 2) stop watching Toy Story 3) sit on the naughty step for the abundance of tantrums we see every day. Phew. I'm sure I'll hear both these sentences many more times before the day is out.

Today, Jack wore the American Apparel Fishermans jumper and kids flannel long sleeve shirt. (What? Who told you I've just bought myself both these exact same items in my size too? Okay, I confess, I did! He just makes them look so good. Honestly AA you will be the death of me.) His jeans are Zara Kids, and many thanks to my wonderful affiliate Hunter for sending Jack these amazing original kids boots. Which I also own in my size. Yes, It is an effort in the mornings to make sure we're not wearing identical outfits.