Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Captain Jack

Yesterday, I took some commercial photos for a brilliant new soft play area situated not far from us. Jack got to come along and model - A perk of the job indeed. After following Jack and my other models up, down, through and around I was all out of puff. We both slept well last night!  Above, he pretends to be the Captain of this mega class boat. It constantly rocks back and forth, just like the expensive rides you see in the malls, except you don't have to keep feeding it pound coins. Every child (and parents) dream!

Jack was wearing the Blue Big Star hoody from one of my sponsors, Boys and Girls. He loves this top, calling it his "boo darrr dop". Remember, all Jack's chums can get 10% off an order at Boys and Girls with the code BGJACK. Thanks B&G.