Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Express Yourself

My Auntie Doris bought Jack some nifty 'Expression Flashcards' from the Early Learning Centre for Christmas. What a great source of entertainment they have turned out to be. When we use them we have a talking, reading and acting lesson all at once. Today, I photographed Jack acting out each expression which included: Happy, sad, surprised, angry, scared, and excited. I'll let you work out which is which. My favourite was surprised- I have included it full size below. An oscar winning performance, don't you think?

"I can't believe it's not butter!"

Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Coul' Ould Day

Brrrr! The snow has finally melted, but it's still bitter. Even so, we went for our Sunday walk through the green fields of Co. Tyrone. This is definitely the last time Jack will be wearing his little quilted coat from Zara kids (sniff). It buttons, but just about. Time to let go. It has lasted him ages. His jeans are from Zara too. The hat is from H&M, and the boots are Aigle Perdrix.

The highlight of this little mans day was seeing his big cousins, Emma and Lucy. He loves all his cousins, but Emma and Lucy are always so patient with him (they have a baby brother of their own, so they are well used to wreckers like Jack!) and he adores them for it. Lucy's classmates take it in turn to take Spencer the teddy home for a weekend. They take photos of what they have done with him and present it to their class come Monday. What a fab idea. Here's hoping Jack get's to do this when he starts primary school. I would be all over this task! I snapped a few photos of Spencer having fun at Grannies house today. 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day!

... And a day is all it was! We finally got a fall of the white stuff last night, and by the time we got ourselves up and ready to go and play, it was starting to melt. I'd be surprised if there is any left tomorrow. But sure, if it stuck around it would only cause chaos on Monday morning, and we wouldn't want that. 
I told you I was a bit obsessed with alphabet blocks. So much so that I took some out in the snow today! Incase you're wondering, Jack is wearing a hat from H&M, and a coat and jumper from Zara Kids. He's got his Aigle lolly pop boots on again (over 4 pairs of socks in a bid to keep little feetsies warm) His wee spaceman gloves are handmade from a now defunct scottish boutique and given to him by my dear Glasgow-dwelling friends Freddy and Rachel (missing you folk loads). Aren't they super sweet?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Face of the Day

I wish I had a nice set of shots on a lovely location to show you, but it has been so wet, cold and rainy we haven't really got out of the house for long today. I hate being stuck in the house all day. Instead we had some photo fun inside with Jack doing his 'face of the day'. Not sure what this is all about. But it's mega cute! He's wearing his cozy American Apparel Kids Flex Fleece Zip Hoody over his Cos tee. The super skinny jeans were sourced from H&M by my chum Kat (cheers pal) and are probably the skinniest trousers we have ever seen for toddlers. The shoes are Zara kids

Jack had his routine two year review with the health visitor today. It went ever so well. She informs me his development and speech is coming on brilliantly. So I'm a happy Mam. And latest cuteness alert- whenever I ask Jack most anything, he replies "Yes please". What a polite little fella he's turning out to be. It makes my heart proud!

One more thing. I'm a bit obsessed with alphabet blocks again. I don't know why. I've been setting them up and photographing them with Jack. Now he's a bit older and can take instruction it's great fun and quite challenging. I've even got the pooch in on it. Try it! And see what you capture. 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Terrible Twos

We have approached the terrible twos. If you're a follower, you'll know Jack is usually a smiley little chap. He always has a grin for his Mammy behind the camera. But even the most smiley, well behaved and all round lovely kid can have a little melt down sometimes. This one came about last week as I was hard at work taking some product photographs against a backdrop. Jack popped in to see me to ask for some "chocchock" (as he calls it) from one of the many selection boxes he received at Christmas. His Daddy had told him no, you see, as he had already had something from the tray earlier. Standing unified with my husband, I seconded the decision. Well. This was the result. A full blown temper tantrum. Of course I photographed it. He can thank me later. The tantrum only lasted a couple of minutes before he gave up. Even making these pathetic scrunched up expressions I think he is too cute! I could just eat him up. I want to remember all his little faces in years to come. So this will make the album. And he'll probably hate me for it.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Yella Wellies

Wee Jack and I donned our wellies this morning, and gave them a good workout at the very mucky park. He had so much fun stamping through the mud. I didn't mind - not when we're wearing boots - but as always Jack demanded to be "rarie" (translation: carried) after a while, which of course means I come away filthy from little dirty wellies knocking against my coat and jeans. He continues to get better at walking for longer periods of time though, and his talking is improving all the time. He was chatting away to me during our walk, telling me what everything was. The highlight of the walk was seeing a big orange tractor. I should say that was Jack's highlight. Admittedly I am very apathetic about tractors.

If you're interested, Jack is wearing his Cire De Pluie coat, Zara kids jeans, and his cheerful Aigle Lolly Pop Boots. In the top photo he is wearing a hat from H&M

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

May's Yard

A very happy new year to you! This new years day we headed up to County Tyrone to visit my in-laws, including Jack's great great Aunt May on her wee farm. My husband is a country lad, now a city dweller. Yet our Jack seems to be most at home on a farm. Not because he's an animal person, but because of his interest in farming machinery and buildings. So here he is loving every second of his time on Auntie May's farm. He's wearing a beautiful vintage Aran jumper from my dear friends Kayls and Laura (thanks pals) a Barbour Scarf, jeans from Zara kids, and Aigle Perdrix wellies.