Sunday, 22 December 2013

Three is the Magic Number

This weekend, my wee darlin' turned three. Three! I can't believe it. He's had a pretty amazing few days of birthday celebrations. Thanks to all my lovely cousins from the affectionately known 'Friday club' for all the effort they put in to throwing Jack, and my cousin Leah a joint 3rd and 17th Birthday party, hosted at my Nan's house. He's such a lucky boy. Even London-dwelling Auntie Sarah came! Pass the parcel was great fun, and the food was yummo. A cash register and roads system were just two of his favourite presents.

Then yesterday, Daddy, Jack and I went to interative exhibition, W5, followed by Jack's choice of Birthday tea - The very dated Pizza Hut. Oh well. You can't go wrong with a Margherita. And he enjoyed it which was the main thing! 

Far from being downcast now all the birthday fun is over, it's only 3 more sleeps 'til Santa stops by. It's a great time of year. We've loved the parties and catching up with friends and family. Oh, and there is nothing cuter than watching Jack recite the whole of 'When Santa got stuck up the Chimney'. He learned it in playschool. Adorable.

If we don't see you, hope you all have an amazing Christmas! And a happy new year!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We've had such a fun festive week. Jack and I attended the Christmas Tree festival in our cities Cathedral during the week, and Jack was so well behaved and definitely didn't lie on the floor and throw a complete strop for unknown reasons (right, Jen?) 

Then this weekend, Jack, Daddy and I headed out to the Winter Wonderland in Belfast's Custom House Square (read: normal travelling theme park Christmassed up with loads of fake snow and festive figurines) followed by a wee luxury hot chocolate at the Continental fair at Belfast City Hall.

 Check out this boys snowflake jumper. One of my great affiliate sponsors, House of Fraser, gifted Jack this cozy sweater from the Howick Junior range. We love it. This might very well be Jack's Christmas day attire. He's also wearing a Santa hat (with detachable Santa beard!) from Next. The skinny jeans are Zara kids. The coat is thrifted from the awesome Rusty Zip, and the shoes are Stella McCartney

Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season. I have the calendar stuffed full of events and things to do, and we're so excited. Thanks again to HOF for the amazing jumper.

 I feel like a giant among these minature Christmas trees!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's December! Only the loveliest month, yeh? Not only is it the countdown to Christmas, but it's Jack the boys birthday month. Imagine. He'll be 3. A big 3 year old. What a blessing he is!

Jack was so excited about putting our tree up after seeing Nanny's tree last week. So, we clambered into the roofspace last night, dusted off the decorations, and Jack got right into the middle of it all. Many of the more delicate decorations didn't survive I'm sorry to say, but I was glad to see such enthusiasm! You can see we have lots of Queens guards decorations. Jack is obsessed with marching and 'the marching men' as he calls them. More on this some other time. He has also learned to whistle. You always know where Jack is, because where there's Jack, there's a whistle. He's dead good too.

Being a bit of an over thinker like his Ma, Jack is not real keen on the idea of Santa climbling down the chimney to leave him gifts. In fact, he says he doesn't want any toys at all if it means he has to see Santa. How do you expain this to a 2 year old? I mean, the concept is pretty terrifying. I haven't yet decided how to handle this. Any advice would be appreciated.

We've been opening the windows in Jack's advent calendars. That's right. The lucky thing has 2, count 'em, 2 advent calendars. One contains chocolate treats. The other has a nice picture. Guess which one Jack prefers.

Jack is wearing his choo choo train pyjama's from Jo Jo Maman Bebe. Check out Jack's personalised Fair Ilse stocking from Pottery Barn. Santa will definitely know who this belongs to. Jack wants it filled with lots of cars, trucks and tractors please. He says you can skip the bubble bath. But I bet a few chocolate coins wouldn't go amiss.

Fill 'er up there, Santy.