Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Walk this Way

Awesome American boutique Little Rock Store got in touch a couple of weeks ago to ask if Jack would like to try one of their amazing band tops. I was so excited to pick out a tee for the wee man. I spent way too long pouring over all the t-shirts on the website (I had to disregard my husbands opinion entirely. We just do not like the same artists and could never agree. I'm a hairspray rocker, and he's indy schmindy)

Bon Jovi... Johnny Cash... Bruce Springsteen, oh I love a bit of Brucey! I just couldn't decide, so I asked them to surprise us. I was delighted when it turned out to be Aerosmith. Such a quality tee. We love it. Jack and I have been rapping and singing Walk this Way all week. Trouble is I don't have a head for details, so I'm not very good at remembering lyrics. It generally goes "Now there's a backstreet lover, that's always undercover, la la la la da da da dah dah dee" and then we just scream "WALK THIS WAYYYY!" If you judge me for this I dare you to try and memorize this song. It's hard. 

As well as rocking the Walk this Way Aerosmith tee, Jack wore a pair of skinny jeans from Zara Kids, and his red Converse high tops. The aviator sunglasses are from H&M. Thanks to the guys from Little Rock Store - Rock on m'friends. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

October Rust

Hello autumn! It's here! When the rain stops I'll take this little man out to collect some conkers, and ask Pappy Jack senior to drill a hole and put a string through. Then all my 'don't throw', 'don't swing', and 'don't hit' training will go out the window while we have a game! Oh how confusing life is for a little one.

I captured these photos in St James' Park, London, on a recent holiday. The weather was mild, and the leaves were crisp. It was a fabulous day all round. Jack clung to this leaf for a few hours, taking it everywhere. Even on to the tube! He wore the American Apparel California fleece raglan jumper and the flannel long sleeve button shirt

We hope you're enjoying Autumn wherever you are!

Peekaboo Autumn!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

London, baby.

London is a special place for my husband and I. We first met in London. It's where we fell in love. Then, a year and a half later he popped the question right in the middle of Travalgar Square. We used to fly over for a long weekend at least once a year, and then along came Jack, and that put a stop to our frequent visits.

An opportunity to visit arose this year (see previous post here) and we thought Mister was more than able to cope with the traveling. So Jack took his first flight in a plane. Needless to say he loved it. At the other side we hopped onto a train and then travelled on the underground. What would he make of this then? You guessed it. Total pro. It was like he had lived in London all his life. At busy times when no seats were available he hopped on, held tightly onto a pole and waited patiently until we arrived at our stop. "Time to get off!" he would inform me. 

I've always found that Londoners tend to keep themselves to themselves, especially on the tube. However, this trip, Mister Jack was quite the conversation starter. What a lot of lovely people we met!

It was also a great opp to introduce Jack to some old friends who hadn't yet seen him in reality. Plus, my sister and cousin have been living there for a while now so we all met for lunch on the Southbank, followed by ice-cream. 

One of the highlights was taking Jack to Buckingham Palace, affectionately known to us as "Bucky P's". We walked up to the gates, pointed in and explained that this was the Queens house. Then out of no-where Jack started to wail. "Don't want to visit Queeeeen! Want to go to Granny Yvonnes!" Alright, pipe down love, says I, no-one has invited us in anyway.

Scowling outside the palace. Channelling Sid Vicious? 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Gingerbread and Sprinkles

"How long now, Mummy?"

I've caught the 'homemade' bug. I've joined a furniture upcycling course, I'm growing my own fruit and we make our own bread from scratch (albeit in a breadmaker, does it still count?) I've been so inspired by the Great British Bake off this year that I even thought that this Christmas Jack and I could give some home made biscuits as gifts. Well. I am in no way the best baker in the world. I'm not even good. So I thought I had better start practicing right now if I was going to improve my baking to gifting standard! Plus, I was looking forward to trying out my new Gingerbread man and Christmas cookie cutters from Dotcomgiftshop. Jack helped to cut them out, and was most disappointed to find out they had to be baked before we could decorate them. 15 minutes (not including cooling time) seemed like an eternity to the wee chap. Finally came the fun part. Clearly Jack does not concur with the theory 'less is more'. Oh jeekers, did he make a mess. And what a rascal he was. For every sugar ball placed on a cookie, he insisted on eating one.

We also made our family out of gingerbread! Check us out. We're not to scale. Obviously. That would be terrifying. Unfortunately Mummy biscuit met an untimely demise...

After fishing Jack's cookies out of a mound of sprinkles and sugar balls, we parceled them up this cute little gift box as an early Christmas present to cheer up Granda Bill who is in hospital at the minute. However, I'm pretty sure they should include a health warning. Like, don't eat any more than one at once... or any at all. Unless you want to slip into a diabetic coma. Note to self: provide less choice of sugary toppings next time. I'm still a bit jittery. And Jack has been bouncing off the walls all day.

Jack was wearing the wooly jester long sleeve tee sent to us by one of our smashing sponsors, Opus. 'Creative clothing for creative children' like my little baker here. Thanks guys! 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

When I go out with Artists

Hello all! It has been a while since my last post - sorry! I've been mighty busy, so here's a long entry to make up for it! 
Well... If you're a follower of mine, and you've been paying attention, you'll know my husband is a professional illustrator. He's represented by an agency based in London and New York. They have illustrators from all over Britain and a few from America on their books, so all the work is discussed and allocated via email or phone. That's why every year the Agency throws an amazing party on a beautiful farm in Sussex, England.  All the agents, illustrators and their families get to meet up and chat face-to-face. No phones. No computers. Real life interaction. 

We used to hop on a plane and attend every year, and then, well. Jack happened. And it wasn't so easy anymore. However, he's reached the age now where traveling is an exciting adventure, and we can take him anywhere. So, one plane journey, several tube stops, a long train ride and a taxi later we found ourselves in Sussex. If there was a prize for furthest travelled, the cup would have belonged to us. It was so worth it though. What fun this little boy had! Between all the games and toys (tug o' war, sack races, space hoppers, and a sand pit) great company, and amazing food, he just couldn't bear to leave. 

Jack wore the American Apparel Californian fleece raglan jumper, the flannel button up shirt, and 5 pocket jeans. All wardrobe staples. He also wore the Hunter red kids original boots. Thanks to my great sponsors for sending these along. 

Check out the hog roast. The crackling at these parties is the best most amazing crackling I have ever tasted. It's definitely my food heaven. "Look at the pig, Mummy!" Jack shouted. "Yes, we'll be eating that later" I replied. The look on his face said it all. "No. We don't eat pig!"I tried explaining to him that we do indeed eat pig. And cows, and chickens. He scanned my eyes desperately for any clue that I was only teasing. So then I felt awful and distracted him with a space hopper. I guess we'll keep that buried in the box of horrible home truths we eventually have to tell our children, along with there is no Santa and Daddy isn't really a king on the planet Ginger.  

Tug o' war. Jack helps hampers efforts during the kids trials. Mummy wins it for the girls.