Friday, 13 September 2013

Nature Boy

Winter is coming. So long warm summer sun that shines through the curtains in the mornings, and hello to layers of clothing just to try and keep warm in the house. The nights are getting darker faster now. I'm just not ready for it. You see, Irish winters aren't just cold. They're constantly wet too. Well. Today was dry at least, and I thought I had better take advantage of the last of this mild weather. So off we popped to our local forest.

Our friends from dotcomgiftshop kindly sent Jack an enormous box full of goodies the other week. Jack has been dying to get playing with the delightful toys it contained! Today we decided to go hunting for spiders and bugs with the Nature Trail set. And apparently crabs too. "No, there wont be any crabs in the forest" I explained. "There is!" came the reply. "No, crabs live in the sea" says I. "Me find crabs with my new 'noculars!" Well. I guess there's no harm in looking. Anything for a quiet life. And when did my boy become so contrary anyway?

Of course when you're actually looking for spiders, there's not a single one about. There was plenty of webs though. "Which way should we go to look?" I asked him, pointing to the compass. "Four O'clock" he answered. It's hard for a 2 year old to understand a compass. To be fair it does look a lot like a clock. We spied lots of fallen foliage and acorns through the magnifying glass. But he was particularly taken with the binoculars. Wouldn't you be? How fun it was to look at the ducks out on the lake. As it always is with a new toy, Jack insisted the binoculars come to bed with him. So I have temporarily removed the string and as I write this, Jack is sleeping soundly with teddy by his side and his binoculars clutched tightly in those perfect little hands. Bless.

Thanks for making this little boys day, dotcomgiftshop

"Sure you can have a smile Mum, as long as you don't mind me smiling LIKE THIS!"

Monday, 9 September 2013

Surf's Up

Awk look at my little guy in his Cranesports wetsuit! Isn't he such a dude? Let me draw your attention to 'Bád Eddie', also known as Eddies boat, situated in Bunbeg, Co. Donegal. During a bad storm in the 70's, the boat was grounded and there it remains to this day. We took a paddle out to the abandoned boat, something I used to do when I was a wee one, except when I was a child we used to climb on top and crawled down into the hold (don't tell health and safety - All those rusty nails and splinters. It was seriously hazardous!) Now it's even more dilapidated. The hold no longer exists! Pretty soon it'll have rotted away entirely. But for now, it's local landmark. Jack loved exploring the wreckage with his Daddy and I. Another amazing holiday activity, and a special memory made!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sunrise, Sunset

During a drive home the other evening there was a beautiful sunset and it was warm and pleasant, so we stopped for a wee play. This boyo is amazing fun. His games are very imaginative. We played all sorts. Sea and land. Dragon with a sore eye. Follow the leader. Train tracks. Motorcycle race and Hide the truck. He's just so class. 

Meanwhile, Daddy was sitting in the car minding the dog. When we got back he informed me his iPhone battery ran out so he had to entertain himself by reading a road map of Ireland. Aw. He has the patience of a saint.

I spotted this retro print tee in Next. It brings back good memories for me of Slush Puppies at the Ice Bowl with my cousins. The tri-blend cardigan is from American Apparel, and the jeans are Zara Kids. My brill sponsor Milly Mog sent Jack these awesome All Star Street Converse. They've got handy stretch laces so we don't waste a second more than we have to tying these - a good thing too. Now we can fit in an extra game of rub the pretend cream on the imaginary log dragons sore eye! Yey!

Thanks once again to our friends at Milly Mog for offering Jack's Paper Moon readers 15% off an order with the code JACK15MM. 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Blackberry Crumble

We can't thank the previous owners of this house for much. Not the leaky shower, not the glued down floorboards and not the naff built in shelving. Nor will I thank them for the other multitude of bad DIY jobs every which way we turn. But one thing I am grateful to them for is the blackberry bush they planted in the back garden. Every year it gives us a bumper crop, and this year was no exception. At the weekend, Jack and I picked a huge bowl full of berries. Our fancy new breadmaker makes jam and compote, and I can't bare to look at another jar of the stuff, so I thought for a nice change from jam, and a fun weekend activity for mister, we could make a simple blackberry crumble. 

I'm not wild into baking or anything. It's not something I would usually do for enjoyment, but Jack seemed to really like the experience, so I'll definitely be baking with him more often. (Although another inheritance of the previous tenants is the dodgy oven, which makes baking that much more of a hassle! Sigh!) 
My husband entered the kitchen at one stage and asked if everyone was okay. "Umm, yes? Why?" I asked, furrow-browed and totally confused. "I was just wondering if either of you were hurt in the MASSIVE EXPLOSION that has happened in here!" Haha. I guess we did make a bit of a mess! 

We took our crumble to Granny and Grampa's house. Jack was proud to tell them he made it. And I was proud of him. I only measured the ingredients out - he genuinely made it! Clever wee Melvin! With some fresh cream and/or ice-cream it was dee-lish. A lovely weekend activity for tiny and I. 

Hope you're all having a great week! So long for now gang!