Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Waterboy

Remember the good weather I was telling you about? Its long since gone. At least we have the memories. Here's Jack enjoying himself in Costa Del Portstewart a couple of weekends ago. It was so unusually hot (for Ireland anyway!) He was wearing a cute little pair of Zara Kids striped trunks. We could barely get the wee man out of the water. Even when he started shivering and turning a bit blue. He's a real water baby. 

A few posts back I also mentioned that I was a bridesmaid for my cousin and Jack was pageboy. The cutest most well behaved little pageboy that ever was may I add. I promised a little photo of us in our wedding gear. Here we are, walking up the aisle. The suit is from Roco. Can I draw your attention to the wee spotty bow tie? I could just eat him up. I think you'll agree, Jack was very handsome in his outfit. Check out that lovely ginger bearded man off to side left. That's my husband. Doesn't he look proud of us? 
Full credit for the photo below goes to the seriously talented Paula O'Hara

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Life is a Flower

The weather was so spectacular last week, we skipped here there and everywhere in our shorts and sunnies. I can hardly bare to say it, but normal service has been resumed and it's raining in Ireland. All day every day. As usual. Anyway, during the warm spell we went a pickin' flowers. He picked each and every flower specifically for a certain person in our lives and instructed me to hold it and give it to said loved one later. I held them for a little while. Then my hands got full. So, I discretely and sensitively disposed of them. It's okay though. I've taken photos. So, I'm not a bad mother. Right? 

These beautiful little shorts are the Stella McCartney Blake shorts. (I love the kids range!) (And the adult range!!!) The plain white tee is from the conscious range in H&M. His wee feeties were cool and comfortable in sandals, but the long grass hides them, so I'll save those for another day. We went swimming in the sea at the weekend - wait 'til you see him in his wee swimming trunks! They don't come much cuter! 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Build me up Buttercup

Thinking about a wee holiday? I don't work for the Northern Irish tourist board or anything, but you should seriously consider a trip to Ireland. It is so beautiful at this time of year! Everything is so green, long, lush, and colourful. Today we trekked through a quiet and serene buttercup field. I guess Jack thought it was too quiet, so he started to squeal at the top of his lungs, just for the heck of it. Toddlers love to disturb the peace. We all came away a wee bit yellow, including Maisey the dog who is a nice shade of green now.

Jack matched the buttercups in his Aigle Lollypop wellies. He also rocked a pair of Zara kids jeans, and an H&M tee from the conscious range.