Sunday, 24 February 2013


My regulars will know that two of my besties work in Belfast's most lovely vintage emporium, the famous Rusty Zip. Well, they always keep Jack the most beautiful little items. Check out this vintage Mothercare tank top. Oh it is just too cute! They don't make 'em like this anymore. Thanks so much Kayls and Laura. (You'sre class like)
The brown flannel shirt is American Apparel, the skinny jeans are from Zara kids and the brown leather high tops are Converse.                                                            Bye-bye!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

High on a Mountain Top

Ireland is so beautiful. Have I mentioned that? All the time, you say? Well. It really is. The weather was gorgeous today. So we took a trip to the Mourne Mountains. Bloody Bridge to be exact. My little explorer wore his red coat and trainers from Zara Kids, H&M pom pom hat, Cat in the Hat backpack from Marine Parents, and he was comfy in his American Apparel baby thermal leggings.

Jack loved it. He ran, climbed, investigated, and didn't want to come back down. We all can't wait to go again!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Those in Glass Houses

So my friendling Kat and I had yesterday all planned out. We were going to get the kids dolled up and take them to Peatlands Park for a fun little shoot. Well, the weather forecaster fibbed to us again, and it poured the whole day long. So, instead, we took them to the Palm House in Botanic Gardens, Belfast. It's amazing how much fun childer can have with each other, and without a toy in sight. They ran and jumped and chatted and squealed, and made quite a spectacle of themselves! This shoot happened to coincide with Valentines Day perfectly - Check out Martha of Martha My Muse. Have you ever seen such a look of dreamy love?

Jack's dapper little suit is from Marks and Spencers. Oh he's just so kissably cute in it. Whatever you're doing, have a very romantic Valentines Day!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Soggy Bums

Bring on the summer! I'll be glad to see it. Everywhere is so damp that perching on our walks produces wet bottoms. After plonking himself onto this little rock, he complained about his soggy bum the whole way back to the car. Plus, I can stop covering all his lovely clothes in his massive puffa coat and take some photos of his wee outfits.
In the top photo the coat is from Zara Kids, the jeans are the grey American Apparel kids stretch bull denim slacks. He's got the Aigle Perdrix style wellies on.

Today, Jack was wearing the American Apparel 5 pocket jean and the Stripe sweater crew neck. By the way- perhaps you've noticed wee Jack modeling for AA in my sidebar? I'm delighted to be working with American Apparel to offer my readers 10% off with the code JACKSFAVES. So if you've ever admired any of Jack's AA gear, and fancy something for your little one, don't forget to use our code for a nice saving. The little red shoes are Keds.