Monday, 24 December 2012

Little Saint Nick

It's Christmas eve! Didn't that roll around fast? We're pretty on the ball this year, and it helps that we're off to my parents for a slap up dinner tomorrow, so we were able to go on a nice relaxing walk through Peatlands Park this morning. It was most enjoyable. No snow this Christmas it seems, so it was pretty mild. By the way- this young man turned 2 on Friday. Imagine- 2! What a big handsome boy he has turned into.

I would have liked to have made Jack's outfit just a little bit Christmassy for our xmas blog entry, but he told me in no uncertain terms that he was not for wearing a santa hat. Oh well. I suppose there is no point in learning to talk if you can't make your feelings known. So instead he opted for a matching ribbed hat and scarf from H&M and his red wax coat and jeans from Zara Baby.
Now, Jack and I are off to sprinkle 'Reindeer food' onto the front garden in the hope Santa will leave lots of lovely gifts. Happy Christmas, friends!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

On a Cold and Frosty Morning

Brrrr. Technically, it's still Autumn. But it feels like winter. Every night the temperatures dip into the minus and we wake up to heavy frost. They say there's snow on the way next week. The photographer in me gets excited for the photo opp, and the wife in me worries about my other half having to battle through it to get to work.

I have been keeping Jack warm in his new cowl neck tank top from All Saints. I have mentioned before that unfortunately All Saints dropped their kidswear range. Occasionally I find bits in TK Maxx, or eBay, in this case. Above, he is wearing it under his Zara quilted coat, Zara jeans, H&M hat and mittens, and Aigle Perdrix wellingtons. Below, he is wearing it over an H&M vest.