Sunday, 22 March 2015

Come on Spring

Today was beautiful... but don't let these sunny snaps fool you. It wasn't mega warm. I was all confused this morning. A combination of things led me to believe it was hot out, so I slapped a load of sun cream on the boys, put them in their shorts, and prepared a picnic. We stepped out, only to be surprised at how cool it was, especially when the sun ducked behind the clouds. So, a change of clothing was necessary. I kept Jack in his shorts, but added a jumper and coat, hoping one half would balance out the other, no matter how the temperature varied.

Well, it wasn't long before our Jack started to complain that his knees were cold, stating that it was now "the worst day ever". Totes dramatic. Jack never minces his words. However, crisis was averted when I remembered I had been keeping this Fleece Lined All-in-one Waterproof suit in the boot of the car.

This was sent to us by Hippy Chick, and I had been looking forward to trying it out on the next rainy day (we never have to wait very long for rain here in Ireland) However, it came into its own today! It really exceeded my expectations. This is not just for the rain, people! This all-in-one slipped over his clothes, and the fleecy inside kept him all cozy. I loved just letting him roll about wherever he liked without worrying about him getting wet or grubby. I received no more complaints about the cold, and thankfully it was not 'the worst day ever'. It's a good job I don't take what Jack says to heart, or I would have thrown myself off a bridge by now.

What a fab idea Puddle Suits like this are. I only wish I had owned one for Jack before now. Thanks so much to Hippy Chick for sending over this one. Finally, here's what we've been getting up to.

1. Big hair, don't care
2. Getting to grips with our new Napsack Mei Tai
3. Walks of him
4. Big shoes to fill
5. Baby Bowtie from Stinky McGee. Adorable!
6. Messer
7. A sunny spot
8. Broskis

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Noah's Nursery

It's really not like me to go over a month without a blog post. Did you wonder where I had gone? Apologies, but as I find myself increasingly saying, there's too much to do and so little time! I have been pushing myself a little harder than usual and I'm single-handedly decorating the house from top to bottom. That's not a dig at my husband. Someone has to watch the kids as the other gets this house sorted! You couldn't take your eye off Wreck it Ralph (AKA Noah) for a second.

Bench - Homemade    /    Amazon Round Retro Shelves £29.90   / Ikea Tarva Chest of Drawers £125

Most first time parents, upon learning of babies impending arrival start thinking about what baby needs. That includes a nursery, and we were no different. We had Jack's room sitting ready for him before he was even born. And then we didn't even enter it for over 6 months as he shared a cot by our bed. This time around we were too laid back. 'Sure he'll be in our room for 6 months plus anyway' says we. Correct - but that 6 months went by in the blink of an eye. It turned into 8 months. 8 months of co-sleeping no less.

Co-sleeping and breast feeding go hand in hand, and it was a blissful arrangement for Noah and I. He loved it, I loved it, and it was just the most wonderful few months. I guess the constant supply of milk did him some good as he is now one hefty chappy . So 6 months in co-sleeping wasn't so enjoyable anymore. He kicked and complained all night long. I was waking up with a sore back from the positions I had to adopt to let him suckle. And so I decided it was time to get our spare room converted into a room for Noah. Problem was, I was convinced I'd spoiled him. The boy wouldn't ever sleep for longer than 20 minutes without me. I was worried I would have to co-sleep for years. If that isn't the motivation one needs to spend every spare moment making a sweet and homey environment for the littlest to bed down, I don't know what is. 

Off to Ikea I did go. When you're decorating on a budget it's a necessary evil. But I happen to like Ikea. I spent the next week slowly erecting flat pack furniture. (Read: Jack's at nursery and Noah is napping, which means quietly trying to hammer tacks... Will Noah just sit and eat this rusk whilst I get step 34 through 37 done... Oh no I've put these on up-side-down and now I need to go back 15 steps...) I don't think there is anything more satisfying than when you finally have a fully functional piece of furniture you made with your own two hands.

One of the lovely things about blogging is sometimes you get to feature some beautiful items from the nicest companies and I've got some sponsors to introduce you to. They sent some gorgeous items for Noah's new nursery, and if you see anything you like, I even have some discount codes for you!

A Little Bird Told Me generously sent along this darling rocking sheep. Can you believe Noah has mastered this at only 8 months? He can even carefully slide himself off Lambert's back so he falls gently to the floor on his bum! It is so sweet sitting in the nursery, with his wee soft woolly body. Check out the website to have a look at Lambert, and some other beautiful nursery items, and if you see something you like, A Little Bird Told Me is kindly giving my readers 20% off an order with the code PAPERMOON.

Rabbit Bookends - Vintage    /      Wood Panel Photo Frame - TK Maxx

I had a little space just beside the radiator. Between the cot and the chest of drawers. What I really needed was a small bench to perch on and settle Noah through the bars of the cot. I asked my clever Pappy Jack to build me a bench to these specifications and he did. I love it. I painted it to match the nursery. 

Olli Ella, who specialise in stylish nursery furnishings sent the amazing Felt Leaf Garland that hangs above the cot, along with The Places You Will go print. Have you ever read the Dr. Seuss book 'Oh the Places you'll go'? It is my all time favorite kids book, full of wisdom far beyond what any child can comprehend. But it reads beautifully, and I could just read it to Jack again and again. This print reminds me of the positive messages and home truths in the book, and is super sweet hanging in the new nursery.

Olli Ella are kindly offering my readers 10% off an order. Just email your order directly to and mention this post.

Sass and Belle Cowboy and Indian Hooks

Dotcomgiftshop Toadstool Nightlight £3.95    /     Long Story Co Samuel Sailor Plush

Dotcomgiftshop were sweet enough to send the funky 70s framed Alphabet Wall Poster which, I think, injects some colour into the nursery. Noah is too young to appreciate it, but Jack has certainly read over it a few times. The Rabbit and Toadstool nightlights are also available here, and they look particularly stunning all lit up inside our circular shelves.

You may have noticed a bunny theme throughout the photos? These adorable Rabbit Wall Stickers (in duck egg blue and green) are from Koko Kids. I'm in love with these! They are so subtle, almost like shadows. Amazingly, they can be re-positioned as and when you like. Believe me, I can vouch for this. I had a lot of fun figuring out where to put these, changing my mind, and putting them somewhere else. I have dotted them around the room. Some are nestled in corners, we have a couple nuzzling on the skirting boards, and we even have one jumping over a shelf. 

Koko Kids is giving you 20% discount on an order with the code KOKO.

Shanna Murray Be Brave Wall Decal $15    /     Long Story Co Garry Guardsman Plush    /    Mirror TK Maxx

Long Story Co sent along these silk-screen printed plush goodies, Garry Guardsman and Samuel Sailor. They're so pretty sitting about the nursery. 

To finish off I couldn't resist these amazing Be Brave and Be Kind wall decals from Shanna Murray Illustrated. I'd be a happy mama if my boys grew up having learned that these are rules to live by.

Shanna Murray Be Kind Wall Decal $15     /     Vintage Noah's Ark set

So, to sum up the story of Noah's new nursery, Noah has made the successful at transition from co-sleeper to Mr Independent. And despite my concerns, he has not been traumatized! In fact, I think we are both loving having our own space. Noah will now happily nap in his cot during the day, and he will go for hours at night. I'm not saying he goes all night. I'm still up once or twice to comfort him or give him a little feed. But I notice the stretches are getting longer and longer. My husband and I are loving the extra time together in the evenings, and I'm so relieved the change hasn't upset the babby too much. I'll always treasure those 8 months of sharing a bed with this rascal, but it's time for the next chapter, and I hope little mister enjoys his new nursery.

Thank you so much to all my sponsors that provided such lovely items, and to those who are giving my readers discount codes. You're all so fab. Mwah!

Finally, here's what we've been getting up to!

1. The 5 of us
2. Teaching fart noises
3. Snowday
4. Minding Tilly the Hamster for the weekend
5. Read to me
6. Webbed Bananas
7. Feeding Fred and Ted the Donkeys
8. Longer days mean evening walks

Monday, 19 January 2015

Pick n' Mix

Hello all! I thought for this weeks blog post I would do a little Pick n' Mix of photos from the last week. Jack's wish for snow finally came true when we awoke to a blanket of the white stuff last Friday. He was well excited. So, after nursery we took a wee detour on the way home to go to the park and have some snowy craic. Jack, who never seems to feel the cold, will always be my snow baby (he arrived during the coldest and deepest snow Ireland had seen in 100 years) This was Noah's first experience of snow, and unlike Jack, he was less than impressed. In fact, he positively did not like it. Noah is my summer baby, born during a delicious warm spell. 

We've been having great fun making snow angels and snowballs outside, but when it's time to come in to take some shelter from the bitter winds, we have had to find other ways to have fun. When the postman arrived with a huge box that originally contained Noah's new carseat, the boys (and Maisey-dog) amused themselves in it for a whole afternoon!

This box was everything from a house, to a rocket ship, to a jail. It was even a massive tortoise shell at one stage. Noah was having so much fun in there with his big bro. He just thinks Jack is the bee's knee's.


Finally, this wee man turned 7 months old yesterday! He's gonna be a year old before I know it. I took some portraits of him and his Daddy the other week. The smiley one sums Noah up so well. He never takes life too seriously. I love that about him. I hope he stays this way.

As if you haven't seen enough of our week that was, here's more.

1. Bro's.
2 & 8. Visiting Max the Puppy again, how he's grown since last time!
3. Noah's first tooth. 
4. Builder-chef. Multitasking at it's finest.
5. Exploring
6. MoccOns - I can't resist a rainbow.
7. The three musketeers