Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Butterflies are Free

An Irish Blessing
May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.
And find your shoulder to light on.
To bring you luck, happiness and riches.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

The summer holidays have just begun, and we're as free as butterflies for two whole months. Well, sort of. Speaking of butterflies, yesterday morning, as I was getting the boys ready, this little critter flew in the window. It caused all sorts of excitement for Jack, who learned the life cycle of a butterfly at nursery and rhymed it all off like a little David Attenborough. 

I can't believe Jack's year at nursery has come to an end. He seemed so little when I first led him in by the hand, tiny baby brother in tow, and he hid timidly behind my leg. In the blink of an eye he's turned into this big, clever, confident boy who will be starting primary school in September! How quickly the terms flew in. I had such a wonderful year, and I know Jack did too. I'm sad it's over, but... onwards and upwards. Flutterby Butterfly!

Hope all your little ones are getting excited for upcoming holidays and fun in the sun. Here's what we have been up to since nursery ended.

1.Screaming contest, everybody wins! (Except Mummy!)
2. Holly, my new fluffy niece!
3. Stands of him
4. Good morning
5. Homemade ice lolly
6. Cowgirl
7. This tiresome heat
8. Lazy summers days

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Noah is One Today!

Noah is one today! I haven't had time to take any special birthday portraits, but I couldn't let today pass without posting about our super-chirpy youngest member of the family on his first birthday.

It really does seem like no time at all since Noah arrived bright and early, right on his due date. The sun was just shining from the heavens and I was enveloped in a wonderful hormonal high - where I remained for weeks no less! It was a happy time. Baby Jack I remember being extremely hard work. Maybe it was just me being a newbie Mum. But Noah was easy-peasy, and we got full nights sleeps from the start. At least, that's how I remember it. He was such a novelty to us all, and sometimes, (when he's on his best behavior) I still think we think that he is a bit of a novelty.

Noah arrived right as the summer holidays were starting and we got to enjoy those first couple of months without constraints. Then, Jack started Nursery and the months have just flown by. Noah has always been easy going and is content to come on the school runs. He's delighted to catch sight of his big brother coming out of school.

He's a happy, friendly little thing. Always playful and giggling. He's also a complete whirlwind of destruction. He has gained the nickname 'Wreck it Ralph' and 'Taz' - his theme tune is 'Wrecking Ball'. This baby can tear apart a room in the time it takes you to have a cuppa. Oh, and flip can he eat. He would never stop. 

I had a think about what to get Noah for his birthday. He's not that taken with toys. He prefers iPhones, iPads and TV remotes. And when I say he prefers them, I mean he prefers to try and break them. He has all Jack's hand-me-downs - no need for any more clothing. So, I decided to bake him a cake. I knew I couldn't go wrong there. I made him a giant cupcake using the Pink Whisk's recipe. It turned out fab. I would highly recommend! 

Noah has been walking since about 9 months, but that's only a few steps here and there, and coasting the rest of the time. However, two days ago, just in time for his birthday, Noah decided to make walking his default setting. I'm still all fascinated to see him go. Jack keeps saying "Look Mummy, that was his longest walk ever!" and I keep replying "No, he's actually walking all the time now!" I really don't think Jack quite believes it. 

So, now the summer holidays are approaching once again. I'm hoping for some wonderful weather and a chance to keep up with my blog a little better. There is certainly a lot to do, and our wee Noah accounts for a big ol' chunk of that. He is worth it though. How blessed I feel that he is part of our family.

Hooded Fisherman Jackets Marks and Spencers


"Happy Birthday, Bruv"

Happy birthday my baby! Here's what else has been going on.

1. Fun in the sun with bff
2. Meeting some kittens
3. Jack takes part in a garden party, bow tie mandatory!
4. Noah and cousin Archie
5. Broskis
6. Painting the kitchen
7. Jack and the big girl
8. Pretty fields

Monday, 25 May 2015

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

Hello all! Another month has flown by, and blog updates have been few and far between. There has been home-improvements aplenty, among the rest of the daily grind. To make life even more hectic I have taken up jogging. So getting my boys into their gladrags and getting out with the camera is increasingly difficult. However, yesterday was one of those rare days that we were at a loose end. So off we went to the beach.

On Saturday I popped into the kids section of M&S for what was supposed to be a cursory glance through the kids section while my husband was in B&Q buying manly things. Well, I have such a fondness for dungarees, and I spotted these beauties... in both my boys sizes. It was love at first sight and I knew the fellas had to have them. 

With three and a half years between them it's not always possible to find matching clothing. I know some parents hate the idea of putting siblings in the same outfits. My Mum used to dress my sister and I in identical dresses. It didn't bother me then, and it doesn't bother me now. I think it's mega cute. I know Jack, for one, loves to wear the same outfit as Noah.

Noah has just turned 11 months old. I can't believe he's one next month. It has flown by. The changes in babies first year are really just unbelievable. He's still on the brink of walking. Ready to take off at any moment, but just not there yet. He's walking 4 or 5 steps in a row to us now. Jack is so excited for him! All I hear is "Mummy, look, he's standing by himself!" 

Converse High Tops

As I mentioned earlier, I decided I wanted to take up jogging. Well, unfortunately with such a limited amount of hours in the day, the only time I had was what was originally Maisey-Dogs evening walk. So, Maizers has to come too. Dear love her, I know she struggles at times to keep up, but I feel like we're in training together. She's really starting to sync up with my pace and we're both slowly improving. She's a great wee running companion.  

Plain White tee's H&M

Here's what's been going on:

1. Kisses (without even asking for them! Lucky Mama!)
2. Home improvements and special memories
3. Parrot in the sand
4. Wheelbarrow ride
5. Cuddles
6. Playing with cousin Archie
7. Jungle 
8. My plants are surviving!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mountains of Mourne

Hello all! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Here in Ireland it was a complete washout, until yesterday (bank holiday Monday) when the rain temporarily took a wee holiday of its own and left us with a lovely warm sunny afternoon. Perfect for visiting one of our favorite Mourne sites, Bloody Bridge. 

As I mention all the time, Jack loves this sort of day. A ramble, a picnic - he reckons it doesn't get much better. He eggs us on to go further and further, except, Mummy and Daddy know from experience, the descent is minus craic. That's when the tiredness hits him and his legs can go no farther. But his mouth sure makes up for it and he can complain for Britain. So, we try and judge a good distance which we think he can handle. Often, when we say it's time to head back, it can lead to tears. 

10 month old Noah loves getting out and about too. Noah was an early crawler, but hasn't expressed much interest in walking. Until this past week or so when I have so enjoyed watching him take his first tentative little steps into my arms. He'll let go of whatever he's holding on to just to get an overexcited Mummy reaction, which he thinks is well funny. And I think he thinks he's a bit of a daredevil in that freestanding second or two.

A friend of mine loaned me her Wompat Baby Carrier after I bought an unpadded Meitai which turned out to be nippy after a short while. This is the way to go! My husband was well impressed. It's so comfortable, and Noah loved it. 

The boys looked so cute in their matching American Apparel Fisherman Jumpers. I've been thinking about getting Jack a wee pair of walking shoes, but their feet grow so fast I'm not sure if it would be worth it! We'll see. He's been on at us about taking him camping. He's such an outdoorsy type. I love it. And I love him. Even when he doesn't shut up about being tired the whole way back to the car.