Monday, 19 January 2015

Pick n' Mix

Hello all! I thought for this weeks blog post I would do a little Pick n' Mix of photos from the last week. Jack's wish for snow finally came true when we awoke to a blanket of the white stuff last Friday. He was well excited. So, after nursery we took a wee detour on the way home to go to the park and have some snowy craic. Jack, who never seems to feel the cold, will always be my snow baby (he arrived during the coldest and deepest snow Ireland had seen in 100 years) This was Noah's first experience of snow, and unlike Jack, he was less than impressed. In fact, he positively did not like it. Noah is my summer baby, born during a delicious warm spell. 

We've been having great fun making snow angels and snowballs outside, but when it's time to come in to take some shelter from the bitter winds, we have had to find other ways to have fun. When the postman arrived with a huge box that originally contained Noah's new carseat, the boys (and Maisey-dog) amused themselves in it for a whole afternoon!

This box was everything from a house, to a rocket ship, to a jail. It was even a massive tortoise shell at one stage. Noah was having so much fun in there with his big bro. He just thinks Jack is the bee's knee's.


Finally, this wee man turned 7 months old yesterday! He's gonna be a year old before I know it. I took some portraits of him and his Daddy the other week. The smiley one sums Noah up so well. He never takes life too seriously. I love that about him. I hope he stays this way.

As if you haven't seen enough of our week that was, here's more.

1. Bro's.
2 & 8. Visiting Max the Puppy again, how he's grown since last time!
3. Noah's first tooth. 
4. Builder-chef. Multitasking at it's finest.
5. Exploring
6. MoccOns - I can't resist a rainbow.
7. The three musketeers

Sunday, 11 January 2015

"We'll have to go through it! Swish swish swish"

Words cannot convey to you how cold this walk was. I suppose we should have known better. Exposed nature reserves and coastlines are always freezing, but I could not have forseen just how unbelievably bitter it would be. Fortunately, even though my husband and I cannot seem to dress ourselves appropriately, I had the boys hopped up in some warm gear, and Jack didn't seem to mind the baltic temperature and howling wind. Infact, he had an amazing time. He begged us not to turn around and go back to the car, but I explained (to the best of my ability, I could no longer articulate words) that Noah's lips were turning blue and we must.

It was my hands in particular that were so cold they were painful. I fumbled about with the camera and it became difficult to change the settings as I snapped the boys. My husband could barely function. He looked defeated as he briskly walked back to the car without so much as looking back at us.

Maybe we can thank Jack's new Trespass Wendell Ski Jacket for keeping him so cozy. He also wore his Ingugu hat, H&M mittens, Zara Slim fit Trousers, and Classic Hunter wellies. Noah wore a snowsuit from Sainsburys and H&M pom pom hat. Despite frostbite nearly taking my fingers, it was a beautifully scenic walk. And sure. It'll harden us.

He aint heavy, he's my brother.

1. Ba's tootsies
2. Proud of clever Daddy, that's his illustration on the front of the Guardian.
3. Jack and Mummy made cupcakes
4. Noah's ark
5. Lean on me
6. The walk that foundered
7. Portrait of Jack
8. Learning to spell

Monday, 29 December 2014

Jack Frost is About

Brrr! There's a day you wouldn't want to venture too far from the stove, and we haven't. But dear wee Jack didn't want to be stuck inside all day, especially when he woke up to such a thick layer of frost. Or snow, as he keeps referring to it, regardless of how many times we correct him. Over the Christmas period, as we opened the doors on our advent calendar, each day we counted how many days were left until Christmas. Every day, Jack would ask, "and then it snow?" All these festive songs and movies would have these poor wee mites thinking snow is a shoo-in on Christmas day, and I think he was a bit heart broken when there wasn't a pick of it.

Driving in these conditions isn't fun either, so at least we can avoid going too far in it since we're all still off. How lovely it is having Daddy about, and getting out of the routine of school runs. Whilst walking the dog last night I seen a car spin 360 degrees, and I nearly went on my bum a few times too.

Jack wore his Next Santa hat, and he was bundled up in a jumper, body warmer, and a United Colours of Benneton coat. We finally got to try out his new Aigle snow boots. They kept those feet warm and dry. The grips were fab for pretending to ice skate, and walking over slippery ground in general.

Hope you all had a fab Christmas! We did! It was just so relaxing! Santa was great to Jack, he got everything he asked for, and more. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know he asked for a Batman costume. Gosh, he's so cute in it. It's those angelic golden curls poking out from around his mask. Check him out, with his wee built in abs! He adopts a very stern persona when he puts it on. Well, a superhero who must save the world doesn't have time to mess about I suppose. Here's our week that was too. Happy New Year, m'friends!

1.Baby Yoga
2. Christmas eve
3. Happy baba in his pram
4. Lego car
5. Frosty walk
6. Meeting Santa Claus, (of course you know, is one of the biys from home)
7. Scampi Robin
8. Noah

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Party of 4

Well, golly gosh, I've just been the worst blogger lately. I'm telling you people, there aren't enough hours in the day. (Well, there literally aren't enough hours of daylight anyway.) Every weekend needs to be used doing stuff that needs to be done. No time to stop and smell the roses. Yesterday we made some time though. We marked the occasion of Jack's birthday with a party, complete with a bouncy castle (as requested months ago) and I couldn't let today go by without blogging on this wee mans 4th birthday.

The most amazing thing happened to us at 6.55pm, 4 years ago - we were blessed with this tiny little 5lb 5oz baby boy, who has grown into this strapping big lad. He knows his own mind, and can be a right stroppy handful sometimes ('spirited' as I prefer to term that) and my side of the family will have to take credit for his stubborn nature. But through all that, he is oh so sweet, ernest, generous, honest, loving and loyal. I love his love of all things superheroes, how he enthusiastically likes to help us cook, his wild big playful imagination, the funny things he comes out with and the fondess and thoughtfulness he shows towards his brother. He takes his big brother duties very seriously. 

Jack has been psyched about his birthday party for months. We hired a hall, and a bouncy castle (an absolute essential part of the party!) and a handful of friends and family came to join in the fun. Jack had an absolute blast. He loved being the centre of attention. My chocolate birthday cake didn't quite work out as planned, so it was a last minute dash to Tesco's yesterday to pick up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake. As a huge Turtles fan he was over the moon and is quoted as saying this was one of the highlights of his birthday, so I suppose it's just as well.

Some of the days with this fella have been long, but the years have been short. When I think about how fast he is growing up it brings tears to my eyes. His Daddy and I could not be prouder of the little man he is becoming. We love this boy something shocking. Happiest of birthdays to our little dude. And here are some photos of our week that was, they seem to be in keeping with the colourful theme of this post!

 It's my birthday and I am THE MAN!

1. This week I reached my personal goal of exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months! This was Noah's first spoonfeed. What a mess!
2. Matching Christmas jumpers from our good chums Freddy and Rachel
3. Party food - Rainbow jelly!
4. Bouncy castle fun!
5. Ring Sling
6. Noah is 6 months old. Happy half birthday to our wee-est!
7. Brothers
8. Admiring the Christmas Tree