Saturday, 12 April 2014

Thickets of Gorse

The sun shone through the window so bright this morning, we got a bit overexcited and got ourselves sorted with a slap up picnic lunch. Well, as is so often the case with this scenario, it turned out to be what I like to call an 'Irish picnic'. I.e. One goes with the intention of eating al fresco, but ends up foundered and bundled up in the car wrapped in blankets. Well, after attempting to sit outside in the sun, Jack complained it was too windy and we ate lunch in the car. I wanted to at least leave the doors open to give that outdoorsy feel, but Jack insisted it was too cold. He was kind of right. After filling our bellies we ventured outside and kept ourselves warm with a run about. 

Let me introduce you to another one of my wonderful new affiliates, new Finnish brand, Guuguu Kidswear. They generously sent Jack these funky College Housut trousers. Super comfy with huge pockets that Jack likes to keep all manners of things in! These were actually amazing when Jack had the chicken pox a couple of weeks ago. He lived in these as all his other trousers hurt his wee scabs. Also, they're our go-to trou of choice when we're doing something active like going to our local gymnastics club. He's wearing them with the American Apparel kids Tri-blend top, and Hummel Suf Blue High tops from our friends at Milly Mog

 A lovely time was had by all. I loved being surrounded by Gorsebush, it's absolutely my favourite weed, despite being repeatedly pricked on the legs and bum as we made our way through the masses of it. We came home with a couple of injuries though. Young Jack poked Daddy in the eye with a stick (or his magic wand, as he insisted) and Jack has a splinter which he just will not let us attempt to remove. 

"Argh! My eye!"

Gugguu also sent Jack their Huppari Harmaa hoody - another seriously comfy little item, which is unusually and beautifully cut. Check out all his little poses in my studio. He's such a lark. 

Thanks so much to Gugguu for the items, check them out if you get a chance. For now I'll leave you with what we got up to these past few days in my Week that Was series.I'm off  to attempt to talk Jack into letting me have another go at removing this splinter. I'll tell you right now, this is going to go down like a lead balloon. Wish me luck! 

1. A springtime walk wearing funky Camelion sweatshirt from our sponsor, Filemon Kid
2. This months issue of the Mr Tumble magazine
3. Jack and 30 week bump
4. A wee babychino
5. Eggshell chick 
6. Beep beep!
7. Some manly garage time with all the men. Grr.
8. Our bedtime book - Don't be Silly Mr Twiddle. (2 chapters every night is a must)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Up the Garden Path

Yesterday was a lovely spring day. The ground is still saturated, but it didn't stop Jack and I from exploring my Nanny and Pappies beautiful blooming garden. How wonderful it is to see the flowers starting to poke their heads above the soil again. I know I'm annoying the drivers behind me as I slow down to marvel at all the yellow buds that come out at this time of year. It's my favourite colour you know. Jack says his is blue.

Jack and Great Nanny found a ladybird yesterday. Jack was mighty excited by this. He was more than prepared to instruct me to pick it up so he could closely examine it, but he wasn't so brave as to hold it himself. The boy can sure come up with a lot of excuses and stall tactics. "No, ladybird might be dirty... ladybird sleeping now... ladybird just want you to hold it" My Nan says Ladybirds are a sign of a good summer ahead. I hope she's right.


Check out his sweet stripey top. This was sent to us by a new sponsor, One We Like. You must check these guys out. Their prints are exquisite, and the clothing is inspired. I absolutely love this store. This wee tee is perfect for the milder weather. He's also wearing the American Apparel 5 pocket Jeans (when is he ever not?) and Brown Leather shoes from Zara Kids. Thanks so much to the awesome guys over at One We like

I'm still keeping up with photographing the little occurrences by keeping a camera body handy at all times. My Dad recently dug out all his old photos of my brother, sister and I, and looking at them has been so special. It's made me realize that is is so worth trying to capture the little things in life, and I hope Jack will one day enjoy looking through photos of himself as much as we have enjoyed reliving our childhood through the millions of photos my parents took of us! Here's the week that was:

1. Soldier, Sailor, Tinker, Tailor! A gift from our sweet new sponsor Long Story Co.      
2. Big sleeps      
3. Jack's Recycled Compost Monster sprouts a head of hair        
4. Easter Basket      
5. Bird Watching           
6. The Easter Bunny!          
7. Jack and Maisey            
8. Bedtime Story

Monday, 31 March 2014

The Yard

Today is the last day of March. Here in Ireland there are signs of spring everywhere. Daffodils, little lambs and it's getting milder. It hasn't gotten any dryer though. Which is pretty typical. No matter what time of the year it is, shower-dodging is the norm. 


If you're wondering how we got on with the chicken pox, the ordeal is almost over. To be fair, we were lucky. It really wasn't that bad. Jack was bad tempered and crabby for one day only. And although he was covered in pox, he either heeded my warnings not to scratch, or he just wasn't that itchy. I barely had to touch the cream or medicine. He has coped incredibly well. And we're at the stage now where all the scabs are falling off of their own accord. I'm really looking forward to giving his grubby wee bake a good scrub! I want to just smoosh that little chinchopper between my thumb and fingers, and rub the face cloth furiously over that face. For almost two weeks I've had to navigate strategically between pox with a cloth covered semi damp finger while Jack squirms and whines "Be careful of my chicken pox!"

Yesterday we visited Auntie May's yard and had a bit of a play during dry spells. Let me introduce you to one of my new sponsors, the lovely independent clothing label, Filemon Kid. The nice people over from Filemon sent Jack a few jumpers. Yesterday he wore the Hoot Hoot Navy jumper. So cute! It's teamed with a Cos shirt from the childrens range, Zara kids puffa coat and jeans, and Ugg Harwell boots

Thanks so much to the guys from Filemon Kid, and if you fancy picking up a few pieces for your little 'un, you can get 15% off with the code JACK15. Brills!

I've been doing my best to keep the camera handy, and snap the little things. So here's the week that was:

1. Covered in chicken pox    /    2. Splish splashing in puddles       /     3 & 6. Hat making with cousins     /     4. My Mothers Day card, made in playschool       /       5. Monkey jumping on the bed       /      7. Saturday morning dancing to Planet Rock in the kitchen     /     8. A good run in Auntie May's Yard

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Week that Was

So, a few weeks ago, my husband, Jack and I were driving home from somewhere or other, and we decided to stop at the drive-thru for a dirty wee Kentucky fried chicken. The conversation moved on, as it does, and I started to tell my husband how chicken-pox was going around."I WANT A CHICKEN POX!" Jack piped up from the back. Obviously referring to what he fancied when we arrived at KFC. Boy, we laughed. The lesson here is... be careful what you wish for. This morning we woke to a full blown case of chicken pox. Uh-oh. For the moment Jack is covered in little red bumps. He's a good form, and not too itchy. But something tells me things are gonna get worse. By the weekend I envision we'll have a very itchy boy. Luckily, my husband will be off, so there will be two of us on scratch-watch. 

The photo above was taken last Friday, before pox-gate. Jack is wearing the amazing You Star hat, kindly sent to us by a new sponsor, Ershware. I love the shape of this funky hat. It looks like Jack has little bunny ears! Gorgeous. He's also wearing a coat from River Island and red skinny jeans from Zara kids. It was a whole year since we buried Great Grampa Vic. (Where did that year go?) So, we went to leave some flowers by the graveside. It's hard for little ones to grasp this concept. Wee doves.

Last week, I decided I wasn't photographing the little things enough. If I was, it was only on my iPhone. The resulting photos, not particularly nice to look at. So, I thought I would leave one of my camera bodies in the house, or take it with me on little insignificant trips. And just snap away. Which is what I did. So, here's the week that was. Capturing just the little things. 
1. Bathtime for baby
2. Mummy and Daddy's bed has so much room!
3. Slumber takes him after a busy day at playschool
4. You Star hat from amazing new American label Ershware
5. Mummy gets infront of the camera for once, as Daddy tries his hand at photographing Jack, Mummy and the bump
6. Jack brushes his teeth all by himself!
7. Finally! The postman brings Jack's racing car costume! The excitement of it all!
8. Chicken pox strikes!

Anyway, don't be fretful for Jack. Here's a photo I took this morning of him sporting a few pox. (Superman PJ's from Nappyhead) He doesn't look too worried, does he? It's amazing how fast those little spots seem to break out. 8 hours later, and his face looks a lot worse, and his whole body is covered in them. They've got a lot darker too. Any advice appreciated! Thanks again to Ershware. Have a pox-free week, pals.

Don't cry for me, Argentina.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Climbing Hills

Hello all! Tigger and I have been a bit house bound this week thanks to car issues. "You - having car issues?!" I hear anybody that knows us cry. Yes, yes, I know. We sure know how to pick out the old problematic bangers. But hey. 

So, Jack and I amused ourselves around the area. We took quite a few walks (Mainly to and from the mechanics) but we played some great games along the way. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This chap has such a great imagination. 

We received this beautiful little leather yoke pullover from a new sponsor, The Little Affair. I love the leather shoulder detail and coloured zippy pocket! The fabric is super soft too. He's also wearing red skinny jeans and leather brown shoes from Zara Kids.

Thanks so much to The Little Affair - we love the sweatshirt. Have a great week, pals.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Live Wild and Free

S'up? Another week has flown in. The weather is starting to look better, and the days are getting longer. Horrah! 
Today I wanted to feature this snazzy jumper, kindly sent to us by one of my long time affiliates Oh Baby London. They sent this for Jack ages ago, but he's only just grown into it. I love the grungy decal. I also love the motto. I wish I could live more like this, but I feel I ought to be sensible now and 'Live carefully and Conservatively'. We'd probably all be a bit happier if we lived with this motto in mind though!

Mister Jack also wears a pair of green skinny jeans from Zara kids and black All Star Street Converse supplied to him by the nice people at Milly Mog.
Thanks so much to the gals at Oh Baby London. Check them and their funky kidswear out if you get the chance- you can get 15% off if you use the code 15JACK.

Jack often asks me to make him things. Often it's a postbox (easy enough - a box with a slot) or a rocket ship (not so easy). This week he asked me to make him a Robot costume. He's actually asked me to make him a Robot suit numerous times. But you know yourself, sometimes you don't have the time, supplies or drive to drop everything and start an art project. Well, he asked me at a great time. We were waiting for a friend to pick us up for a coffee and had a spare hour before she arrived. He was so delighted when I agreed (It reminded me of when my sister and I used to pester my Mum to make us princess crowns, and we were always so psyched when she said yes). Wee pet. He jerked about doing his robotic voice, whilst I cut, painted and stuck. Several empty boxes later we had a robot costume. He was irritated that he had to wait for the paint to dry. Finally, when it was all done I asked him "What d'ya think?"   -  *Gasp* "Look at the mess you've made, Mummy!"  "Never you worry, I'll clean that up." I replied. *Pause* "Want robot knees and feet too, Mummy!"  Sigh.  You're welcome, Son.

The Jackbot 3000. The most advanced toddler technology to date.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

So it's a bank holiday here in Ireland, which means this fella is on his holidays from playschool. I don't think you'll hear a "horray" out of either of us. This means I have had to drag him round with me while I run errands. This used to be an adventure, but it's not any more. Now (apparently) it's just the worst thing I could possibly do to him. He yaps so much, I weirdly end up feeling really guilty and buying him a bag of skips or something (the desired effect two fold, to appease and to hush.) It used to work until he learned how to complain with his mouth full.

Anyway, we received a lovely package from one of our new affiliates Wolf and Rita, which spiced up the minus-craic bank holiday. Take a gander, won't you, at Jacks funky shirt. Wolf and Rita are a designer kids brand that specializes in quality shirts. I love their bold designs. He's wearing the Joao / Chilli print shirt with the American Apparel Tri Blend Cardigan. Quite the statement? Don't you think?

Truthfully, Jack was glad to get back home. He kicked back with a pancake and milk for lunch, and then 'helped' me do the dishes. Then we just bummed around for a while, wondering why we have some small holes in the skirting board. We decided that some very tiny slimy monsters lived there. 
If you and your wee 'uns are on your holidays, I hope you're enjoying speculating about your skirting boards and eating pancakes too. So, wait... you're saying that's just us then?

Friday, 14 February 2014


Happy Valentines Day! Jack and I made Daddy a card using these photos and treated him to a box of yummies. I awoke to a tray set on my knee, with pancakes, eggs and bacon, a cup of coffee, a long stem rose, a card, and a note to say I have been signed up for a years subscription to my fave magazine. Amazing! Jack also made me the sweetest little card in playschool. He says I'm his sweetheart. What a charmer! With this little man running about, Valentines day can't be too smooshy an affair for my hub and I anymore, but still, these small gestures have been so special. We love you Mr Daddy!

Jack wears a thrifted jumper, the American Apparel 5 pocket Jeans, and Stella McCartney shoes.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cabbage Patch Kid

This morning we woke up to a rare beautiful, mild and semi-dry day. So Jack and I jumped in the car, cranked up the volume and rocked out while driving about the countryside, stopping to stroke some Donkeys and marvel at the huge houses where the other half dwell. We got a bit lost having taken a load of back lanes and ended up at a cabbage patch. That suggests it was just a wee area of cabbages, when in reality it was a massive field with cabbages as far as the eye could see. My sisters reaction to this was 'How do you stumble upon a cabbage patch?' I dunno, but as I explained to her, it's one of these things that only happens to us mega cool people. The smell of the cabbages heating up in the sun was unreal. 

Anyway, we took a wander, splashing in some puddles and jumping in mud along the way. As you can see, Jack fell right into a big pile of it and wasn't one bit pleased. In fact, he refused to move an inch until he was cleaned which meant I had to go back to the car to look for something to mop him up with. Fortunately (not for some) I had a big bag of old clothing to give to our local charity shop, so a couple of the items didn't ever quite make it there. "Why you clean me with jumper, Mummy?" Answer: Because I'm never organised to carry all the stuff that should come with a youngster. Even baby wipes couldn't have sorted out this mess, though. It was definitely a bath and towel job.

Jack is mega in to singing at the moment. And as his mother and super fan, I just think he's brilliant. He's really good at remembering lyrics and tunes. What makes it all even better is that he seems to be excellent at composing. This is a trait he's definitely inherited from his Daddy, who is also gifted at penning little ditties. Often Jack's songs gravitate around large posteriors and down wind, which makes me giggle. Then I get given a stern look from Daddy who says I shouldn't encourage such behavior. But these subjects amuse me so. (Lets hope Jack doesn't sing Daddy our alternative 'Twinkle Twinkle' lyrics.)

On this day, Jack wore a gilet from Ladybird, the Star hoody from Boys&Girls, Zara kids jeans and the Original Hunter wellies

 "Calloo-Callay, No work today, we're cabbages and kings!"