Tuesday, 17 November 2015

November Rain

What utterly rubbish weather we're having. It's making me feel thoroughly down in the dumps. All that gorgeous low sun shining through the autumn trees is gone, and now it's just all day mizzle blowing sideways through bare branches and the remaining soggy rotten leaves lying by the roadside. Boo.

Old Tullyvar Station House

Still, I hate being cooped up in the house all day. So does Jack. Plus, it was time to move Jackie into the next size up welly boots, so when they arrived, he was itching to get out and splash through some muddy puddles. I'm an Aigle fan, as you may know. Over the years Jack has pretty much had every single colour of Aigle welly boots, with an occasional pair of Hunters thrown in for good measure. We have never owned an orange pair of boots though. So when I spotted these, I knew these were the ones. They've photographed more red (they're a deep burnt orange) - look at them there - all shiny and new. They weren't so shiny after this muddy walk, let me tell you.

Aigle Wellies

Noah is his Daddies boy at the minute. I'll try not to take it personally. But he'll choose his Da over his Mammy anytime. I remember little phases like this with Jack too. I used to fall in and out of favour a lot. I suppose I still do. So I worry less than I used to. It gives me a wee break if anything!

Cousin Thomas came out to wade through puddles with us this day. Matching hats and all! Boys just love a puddle, don't they?

That's all from us this week. I have no week that was seeing as I haven't been too inspired to photograph in this rain. Stay dry, all! x

Monday, 9 November 2015

Down by the Pond

Well, the first week back after half term sure flew by! This is where the big homework starts, so that's something new to factor in to the day. We usually fit that between making lunches for the next day and starting dinner. The days are busy busy busy. During the half term break, we met up with my cousin and her little one, and went for a walk around Castle Espie, bird sanctuary. 

Coat Uniqlo      /     Boys Slim Cord Slacks £12.99 Zara 

The most enjoyable part for me was feeding all the birds - but the boys may as well have been anywhere else as their favourite activity was jumping in this massive puddle. They waded and splashed around in it for ages. Wellies are definitely the footwear of this season for us. 

In other news, we had been having difficultly getting Jack to sleep in his bed all night. Every single night without fail he would quietly get up and hop into our bed. He slept well, but we didn't. It was all a bit of a squash, we got too hot and Kicky McGee kept jabbing his little feet into my kidneys all night. It was most annoying. I was at the end of my tether. I had tried everything to no avail. This had been going on for a couple of years, so old habits die hard and all that. 
Well, finally, after some perseverance, and a combination of a gro-clock and a reward chart, we have broken this nightly sequence and Jack is sleeping in his bed right until his alarm goes off at 7am. It's an amazing feat for him. If he wakes before 7, he stays in bed until it's time to get up. And you know why? Because he loves to move his 'yay' star one more step up his reward chart! 7 consecutive nights in bed means a reward. The first reward was a nerf gun, which was well worth working for. Now, weekly prizes include going out for ice-cream, a day at a friends house, and a chocolate bun. It's such a great achievement for us all. And thank goodness we have Jack sorted because Noah has decided it's his turn to get up multiple times during the night. Sigh.

I've been featuring Zazzle loads recently as they have kindly sent Jack and Noah loads of gorgeous stuff. The choice (although overwhelming sometimes) is amazing. My advice? Just type in something you love... 'rainbow', 'vintage', 'dinosaur'. That cuts down the vast array of choice into a more manageable chunk. In this case, I typed in 'squid'. Jack is very into sea creatures currently. He loved this hoody.
As always, a huge thanks to Zazzle. Check them out!

Hat H&M    /    Coat Marks and Spencers

Looking through these photos makes me realise I need to book Jack in for a haircut this week. I love those curls, but they definitely need a little trim! Have a great week, friends. x

Here's our week that was:

1. Noah, 17 months old
2 & 8. Grapevines in Nanny and Pappies greenhouse
3. Autumn leaves in every colour
4. Visiting with Great great Auntie Doris
5. Playground bumps!
7. G'iz a kiss, small human.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Rusty Leaves

Hi all. Glad to say Noah and I recovered from the nasty bug that was bothering us for days and the rest of our half term break was much better. The weather picked up too and we spent the remainder of the week outdoors in the most spectacular autumn locations. Isn't it all so beautiful at the minute? 

We met up with Jack's bff this day. They now attend different primary schools, but stay in touch. They argue and bicker, but also have an awesome time together. They had a lot of fun playing in bushes, jumping across stones and climbing trees.  Noah would usually want to be right in the middle of everything, but his energy levels must still be depleted because he was content to sit in his buggy and watch, for the most part.

Classic Hunter Wellies £45 Hunter   /    Jeans Uniqlo

Did you notice Jack and Noah are twinnies in their Anchor sweatshirts? They are adorable in them! They were sent to us by the good people at Zazzle and I just love the vintage anchor print. They're also wearing matching coats (past season) from Marks and Spencers. I do love them to match sometimes. Noah adores his wellies (Jack's hand-me-downs) and brings them to me all time, holding his foot up as if to say "put these on me". He walks around the house in them looking very proud and making satisfying stomping noises. He's particularly cute when he wanders around in his wellies and baby grow!

Thanks to our chums at Zazzle for the super-duper sweatshirts. Hope you all enjoyed your half term break. And now, let the run up to Christmas commence! Where did 2015 go?!